Tuesday, April 21, 2015


A cooler morning greeted me today as I went outside to get the animals took care of this morning.
After breakfast and devotions Re brought the kids over to stay while she took care of some business in town for their new homesite and stopped by the grocery store.
Little EL saw the sunshine and thought the outside was warm enough for her even it was only in the upper 50's. Baby BB was sleeping so I couldn't go outside. She went out in the front yard with the directions to stay right where I could see her. She minded me beautifully and couldn't believe she was allowed out there all alone. She just laughed and ran back and forth in front of the house. Good exercise !!!

She insisted on climbing the stairs all by herself as well.
When this sweet baby woke up we all played inside until mom got home.
He loves this little monkey blanket.

After they went home to get their afternoon naps I cleaned house. I am getting better about getting everything done on this one day and it only takes me about 2 hours. I finished my cleaning by mopping myself out the back door for a nice relaxing dose of vitamin D for the first day in over a week.
When hubbie got home we watched the news with the prediction of more rain moving in tomorrow afternoon so we decided to get our cabbage plants set out and Re and the kids came over to help plant some beet, kale, and arucula seed in the garden.  Today is not a good planting day according to the almanac but when you have to go between the rain showers you have to do it when you can.
Back inside I did some more auto searching on the internet and then caught up my blog. It is hard for me to find time to go car shopping.
It is 52 degrees at 10:00 headed for 40 degrees for the low tonight, maybe this will be all the "Dogwood winter" we will have,hope so for the sake of all the fruit growers .
Grateful for another wonderful blessing filled day with love, laughter and living the country life that I love.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Those two little ones are just the cutest. I know what you mean about planting in between the rain. we actually had snow here yesterday in between the rain. Glad it wasn't anything to speak of. Good luck with your auto search. Blessings