Monday, April 6, 2015


Well at least it was not raining as I headed outside this morning but the clouds looked like they weren't about to give way to any sunshine.
After chores and breakfast hubbie and I met Re and the kids at the garden for some more spring planting. Today we planted more onions, some red ones to go with the yellow and white ones we planted Friday, and more peas, some lettuce and greens.
D-in-love brought g-son up to play with EL since this is spring break week they are home for the week.
These two really enjoy each other.

She wants to do everything he does !!
I called her a little "monkey" when she did this and she thought that was hilarious.
She was not allowed to do any tree climbing yet !!
They played well together.
I think they might be rushing the relaxing days of summer here.
As it started to sprinkle rain we all came inside for a left overs lunch.
Since the rain shower was only a few drops hubbie stayed outside and mowed the tall parts of the lawn grass before he came in.
Everyone left and I did three loads of laundry while putting away all my Easter decorations.
After hubbie ate he and I went back to the garden to put up our "rabbit" fence. With the rows running across the garden we added some space in the back for turning the rototiller around.We will have to see if the wood piles in the back are good enough to be part of the fencing.
Flash was in his relaxing position !!??
The light rain started again almost at the exact time we finished out fence. But once again it was a very brief shower.
Hubbie decided to take a short nap so that he could watch some of the championship basketball game tonight which starts at 9:00 and I stayed downstairs working in the laundry while he slept for about an hour.
I woke him at 4:30 so he could go over to daughter's to help her spread some mulch on the bank in front of her house. Josh came to help after work and they got it all spread before the rains moved in.
After chores I relaxed with Bernie out in the sunroom and watched the birds .
Bernie alertly watches for Squirrels, he doesn't mind the birds but if a squirrel comes in to the yard he jumps from my lap and barks out the door until it runs away. If the squirrel runs up a tree out there he will sit quietly staring up the tree until it comes back down and jumps and barks until he has it ran out of the yard.  He is funny to watch.
Hubbie and I watched the game between Duke and Wisconsin which Duke won.  I am sort of glad this is the last game of the season so maybe they can better prepare the referees for next season. I get highly aggravated at the inconsistency of the foul calls and I'm sure the coaches and players have a very difficult time of it.  I really didn't have a dog in this fight but it was a very good game and stayed close throughout.
Thankful for the wonderful blessings that God sent my way today.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

What a lovely Spring day you had. The kids look like they really enjoyed themselves. I could really use your Bernie to chase away all the squirrels that love destroying my yard. Haha Blessings