Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Another cool jacket weather morning. I refuse to complain as we get closer and closer to those broiling summer temperatures.  I'll grab a jacket any day as opposed to sweating already at 8am !!
After chores and breakfast I took a walk to take in the beauty of the still blooming spring plants around the farm. These are my double Azaleas, I have two plants of them and they are so pretty ,looking like little Carnations.

As I started my housework I noticed the Indigo Buntings were here for the season. This pic does not show their bright blue color.
This guy was also enjoying my offerings on the front porch while I worked in the living room.
Later in the afternoon I went into town with Re and the kids.  We went into Bath and Body Works in the mall for some air fresheners we both like and Little EL was sampling the smells of some different things after watching her mother and me.  Some were nice , some apparently were not so nice by the looks on her face !!!  Haha, she is a riot some days !

We came home and EL stayed here while mom went to music practice at church. She got to play with Pawpaw and then have pizza for supper.
After mom came after her , hubbie and I  settled in for a relaxing evening.
The weather forecast for tomorrow is for rain and mid 50's temps, that is going to be a raw day.
Starting next week we are supposed to get a reprieve from the cooler weather for at least a while with the rise of the jet stream.
However we can't let our guards down in these mountains as the dates for the last freeze isn't until late mid May.
Still praying for the residents of Nepal after the earthquake. The death tole is now more than 5000 and could be as high as 10,000. Most of the residents are now homeless and even the ones who's homes are still standing  are afraid to go back inside for fear of another quake.
In our country the city of Baltimore has been in an uproar over the police treatment of a black man who died. But instead of just protesting there has been a full fledged riot like those in Detroit back in the 60's. Rioters broke into business's looting and burning them down.  President Obama said today that they are not protesters but thieves. He sent in the National Guard to enforce a curfew tonight.

This brings back memories of the Detroit riot 1967 that changed the face of Detroit for the worse forever. Hopefully that won't happen to Baltimore but it could because of all the business's that were burned or looted.
Unfortunately all it would take to end all of this unrest is for all peoples of all colors to just simply abide by the laws of this land. When a policeman says stop , just stop,  that's all it would take. I fail  to under stand if all these victims are innocent why did they run from the police ???  I am sure there are times when the officers of the law are wrong but that is why we have a court system, we have to depend on the justice system that is in place or we have to vote to change it. Burning, looting riots destroying business and entire cites that are run by innocent  bystanders is not the way to get anything changed.  In fact it causes the reverse effect.
My prayers go out to all the folks involved in these tragedies , may God intervene in ways only God can.
Good Night and God Bless


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linda m said...

I so agree with your comments on the people who are rioting. If you are innocent why are you running away from the police. If Baltimore is careful it will end up like Detroit. What business owner wants to build in an area that people will destroy because they feel slighted. I pray for people who act this way all the time. Also praying for the people in Nepal. Blessings