Sunday, April 5, 2015


HE  IS  RISEN  !!!!       HE IS  RISEN  INDEED !!!!!!!!!!!
Susan went to the sunrise service on Chimney Rock this morning and sent these beautiful pics.

It was a beautiful clear morning, perfect for this service but a little chilly. It was 27 degrees at our house at 8am so I'm sure it was colder on top of the rock but well worth the chilly morning to view this glorious sunrise.
Church was a regular service today. I miss the choral Easter programs we used to have but the service was nice and the church was full.
We all headed home afterward to our afternoon of fun activities.   Seems the Easter Bunny had dropped colored eggs all around our yard.
Hey,  there's that bunny and her tub of eggs now !!!!!
These three kids, little EL, Ben and g-son, had a ball finding and discovering the surprises inside the all the colorful eggs.

 All of them had different techniques of egg hunting.

The boys had to compare their numbers of course ...............

Then it was on to the fun of searching for the surprises inside the eggs......
What a wonderfully fun afternoon !

Baby BB enjoyed the egg hunt with #1 son and looks as if he was taking notes for next year !!!

Lunch was really good, to go with a large Easter ham I cooked I made mac and cheese, 7-layer salad, deviled eggs, green beans, kale greens, corn and rolls. Re brought some delicious potato salad and Susan brought a wonderful dessert. Everyone made it here today except daughter who went to her BF's family's Easter celebration.
After lunch the boys were back outside to work off some of their lunch tree climbing.

They played outside for a couple hours while d-in-love went home to get a nap and #1 son went grocery shopping.
#2 son and hubbie enjoyed an afternoon cup of coffee and a late serving of dessert.
After the boys got hungry again !!!  They got the Chocolate Easter bunnies and some malted milk Easter eggs I gave them and some drink for  snack. Even with the 3 year age difference these two have became really great friends.
After everyone left hubbie and I sat on the front porch and savored this wonderfully fun filled Easter Sunday.  I love days like today with the house and yard filled with conversation and laughter.
 I am truly and humbly grateful this Easter for the love and grace of my Loving Lord who sacrificed His only Son making it possible for me to be forgiven for all my sins and so that I can look forward to an everlasting life with my glorious Heavenly Father.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

You had the perfect Easter Sunday. I don't blame you for missing the choral program for EasterService. That was always my favorite part - belting out those beautiful hymns. I too am grateful to God our Father for sacrificing His only Son that you and I might have Eternal Life with Him. Blessings