Sunday, April 26, 2015


Pounding rain on the metal roof woke me about 2am this morning. The rain shower passed quickly and only left about 1/4" in the gauge this morning.
Church was good today and then we all headed home for a lunch of roast beef, boiled potatoes, fresh green beans, corn and rolls with sweet tea to drink. Re brought some brownies that were enjoyed by all and we finished off the fruit tray that daughter had brought Friday night for dessert.
#2 son was the only one missing today as he was in S.C. playing golf and came by later this evening for  a plate of left overs.
Clouds covered the sky all day with only peeks of sunshine with the temperature in the mid 60's for a cool day.
Hubbie went over to daughter's to get her jeep which she is selling to bring it here so he can deal with folks coming to drive it.
I spent the afternoon relaxing out in the sunroom bird watching and just enjoying the quiet.
Later in the afternoon I walked over to Aa and Re's property with them and the kids to chick out the progress. They are moving right along with the house site construction.
It was good exercise for me and helped walk off the big lunch I had.
After chores I searched more on the internet for used suv's.
The news hurts today to listen to all the disasters of the last couple days.
In Nepal there was a 7.8 earth quake that has devastated that area. 2500 bodies have so far been recovered with that number expected to rise significantly as they sift through all the rubble.
This is the worse disaster in the last 80 years for this area.

A strong after shock caused a massive avalanche on Mt. Everest killing 17 people some of them from the USA.
And in southern Chile the news isn't much better as they are facing the eruption of the Calbuco volcano that has been quiet for 42 years.

No more complaining about shoveling snow from your roofs, as these guys are shoveling heavy volcanic ash from their rooftops !
And we aren't fairing much better in this country as a severe storm system that triggered tornadoes and flooding in Texas turned deadly when it struck the Dauphin Island, Alabama Regatta today killing 2 so far with 5 still missing as night falls.

And right on cue it seems the weather channel came out today with their predictions for this hurricane season.
If either of these predictors are correct we will have a pretty tame season this year. Seems the El Nino currents are not favorable for storm formations which is a good thing.
I feel like hitting my knees tonight and thanking God for our calm relaxing wonderful Sunday.
My prayers go out to all the victims of these disasters, may they seek comfort in the love of Jesus Christ.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

The news yesterday was horrific with all the disasters. I have been thanking God for keeping me and my family safe. My brother was on Mt Everest last year when they had the avalanche and he barely made it out alive. Makes one wonder if God is telling us He is coming?