Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Up and out this morning to tackle my busy day. I looked at the embers in the downstairs wood stove as I put a load of extra laundry in before I headed out to do the chores and thought hopefully this might be the last fire of the season, but somehow I doubt it !
After chores and breakfast I took a short walk on this gorgeous sunny warm morning. I called my hairdresser/friend Markeeta, while I walked and she said come on over to get a haircut so I cut my walk short.
She does a good quick job and I like the way she fixed my hair today. It is always fun to catch up with each other while she works.
Back home by 11:00 and got the first load of covers hung out on the line in a perfect drying day. The wind is actually a little strong hopefully it won't break the clothes line whipping the sheets around.
I spent the remainder of the morning housecleaning and doing three loads of laundry.
After a quick lunch I did more housecleaning, finishing around 2:30 when I mopped myself out the back door into the sunshine. I took a nice vitamin D break while waiting for the floors to dry and letting my muscles rest from all the vacuuming and mopping.
The sunshine was hot today in the 72 degree afternoon and felt so good on my skin.
I came back inside to cool off and did my daily sewing . Since everything is running a little behind schedule with the haircut time this morning I only got these two little baby bonnets finished today before hubbie came in with a rotovater to work in the garden with that I needed to help get unloaded.
We had to use the boom pole to lift the rotovater out of the truck bed. My bother , Robert, came out and held it steady while I drove the truck out from under it.
This implement turns the plowed garden into a smooth seed bed ready for planting.

After chores g-son came to stay while his mom went to music practice at church and his dad was working.
I planted the Hyacinths and Tulips that I had and a Black Raspberry that I bought about a month ago.
On the news they talked about a huge 500 acre plus fire in the Black Mountain area that had burned multiple homes in it's path.

Until this weather pattern changes I sure hope folks are careful about burning anything outside.
This pretty sky held the last sunset of this month today.
I sat out in the outside patio and reflected over this month this evening.
Not much big news has happened this month. #2 son and daughter, Re and little EL all became another year older. The weather has been pretty calm with the first thunder heard just yesterday and only a couple times of fleeting snowflakes. We had a lot of dreary drizzly days but not much significant rain, leaving us already with an over three inch deficit for the year .
We decided it was safe this month to announce d-in- loves pregnancy after the dangerous 12 week  timeline passed.
#2 son took 2 weeks off this month to use up some of the vacation he has accumulated before he lost it. He went to Myrtle Beach for a few days to golf with a couple friends and accompanied hubbie and I on an early Pickens flea market trip.
Daughter finally finished coaching and is enjoying her afternoons off .
Re took the kids to Ohio to have a visit with her family while Aa stayed here.  They are starting to grade a driveway on their property after picking out a double wide to put over there.
We brought a new friend into our family as a special lady named Susan and her little boy became a part of our family. She is what my friend called a "God Wink", that is when God puts someone in your life because you need them or they need you at that time.
Market has been slow this month for me. I started adding some sewing time into my schedule last week to help restock my depleted craft supplies at market.
I finished the first 3 month volume of the last 6 months of 2014 and have the last 3 months downloaded ready for editing. I also finished 2014 photo printing  and got all them in albums.
March 2015 is history for my family as of tonight and it has been a blessed one. With God always in our hearts and in our actions we continue to strive to glorify Him in everything we do.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

What a blessed month you had. So many good things to reflect on. May God continue to bless you as you start a new month.