Monday, March 30, 2015


Woke early this morning about 6am to the sounds of the first thunder storm of this season. The storm moved quickly through our area and only dropped 3/10ths inch of rain but the thunder claps were loud and frequent.
I slept in a little after spending time awake during the storm.
I did the chores and had breakfast. Hubbie said he didn't feel well this morning, I think the pollen is affecting him along with me. I have had a hoarse voice and scratchy throat for a couple weeks that gets worse with the wind that is blowing like today.
I started laundry after breakfast and hubbie went up to his shop.
While the laundry washed I changed all the furniture covers and bed clothes. Making for several extra loads of laundry this week.
I did 4 loads today and will do more tomorrow of the big things so I can hang them on the outside clothes line.
We met daughter at an apartment her BF is moving into to move some things around for the friend who owns the apartment.
This evening the sun shined beautifully but the wind made the lower 60's feel cooler. As I started out on a walk this evening after chores and supper this little guy caught my attention as he sat on this log eating a nut with the sun reflecting off his fur.
Caught a glimpse of this Mallard duck patroling the waters in the creek this evening.
I came inside when I got back and downloaded my next 3 months blog book to finish out 2014.
I also worked on getting some photos downloaded to Walgreens so I can get prints made.
The last decade pictures for this month are the undated pics I am going through and want to preserve.
This first photo is of my Aunt Ella Souther.
I remember the little log cabin she lived in with her sister for years.
This next picture was sent to me several years ago by another cousin, this is my cousin Paul Pryor with a couple of his granddaughters.
In this old photo this is my Uncle Victor's cattle out in Oklahoma.
And last this is my great uncle William Pryor's family.
These are great old memories but I would love to know dates for these pics and names in the old family pic if anyone out there has any info please let me know.
I was impressed with the clear moon in the sky this evening.
As I shut the doors on the chicken's houses late this evening I took this pic of the late evening with some spring color still visible.
God is so good to me and I strive each day to glorify His name in all that I do.  Thankful for all the grace God gives me along with all the undeserved blessing each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


M.E. Masterson said...

If I am not mistaken my husband is related to pryor. Will have to look into that.... nice pics

linda m said...

Wonderful pictures. Sorry to hear you and hubby aren't feeling too well. Pollen (or maybe mold spores) seems to be bothering my hubby and myself as well this year. A lot of sneezing and itchy eyes going on here. Hope you can get some more info on those old photos. Blessings