Monday, March 9, 2015


Well when the 8am alarm sounded this morning I looked out the window into darkness, uhhhh!!!
A good reason to roll over under the warm covers and snooze a while longer ,me thinks !!!!
After a little while the dogs got restless and I felt hubbie getting up to let them outside. Monday mornings are great with him here to be the earliest riser !
I managed to drag myself out into the first Monday of  daylight savings time a little later.
I'm sure the hens are excited to be getting out of their houses earlier since they are still on regular time which is an hour behind.
After breakfast and watching the light rain falling outside hubbie went to his work shop and I started the weekly laundry.
Re needed to go grocery shopping so little EL stayed here while she went. Hubbie came in from finishing his project and he watched TV with her while I finished my cleaning job downstairs.
I vacuumed all around the wood stove downstairs since we didn't have a fire in it yesterday or last night and all the ashes were completely cold.
Hubbie chops kindling down there so there is always a mess around the stove and I can't vacuum when it has a fire in it without being afraid of sucking up a live ember.
I got this done along with 3 loads of laundry and then we three had lunch of yesterday's leftovers. Re and baby BB came in and she ate her lunch also.
They all went home for naps.
I felt like I needed a nap also but knew that would really mess up my sleeping schedule.
Hubbie and I went up to the garden and took out all the plants that we had gotten from #2 son's yard last Fall when he did some landscaping.  I brought 2 rose bushes down to the front of the house to a bed that already contains a couple roses. We also brought a  large shrub that we don't know what it is and planted it in one of the beds out front. It will be interesting to see what it is if it lives.
We also found places for some Iris and Hostas then put the rest of the plants in this bath tub and a couple pots up by the green house to wait to see what they are before choosing planting places.
As we finished this job, we decided it was to wet to plow the garden, so both of us knowing if we went inside and sat down we would be asleep for sure looked for something else to do.
Walking through the muddy back yard we decided to make a trip to Lowes to see what kind of stepping stone choices they had.
We found some that have rough tops to help them not get slick when they get wet and brought some home. As is always the case we didn't get enough so hubbie had to make a second trip to Lowes so we could get the job finished . He also got grass seed to plant between and around them to hopefully stop some of the washing rain run-off that comes rushing through the yard, but with 2 inches of rain predicted this week we decided to wait on putting out the grass seed.
This is the finished stone work and path up the hill to the garden and chickens houses.

We tried to create a pattern that wouldn't dam up the water runoff but maybe spread it out and stop so much washing. Guess I will have to watch it closely if we do get the rain they are predicting.
There was only about 1/10th inch in the gauge from this morning's rainfall.
I would love to get grass growing all around this area but never have had any luck with that. We have tried different things to stop all the mudiness that comes with this to no success so we will see what this does. I'm hoping for less muddy foot prints in the house !!
After chores this evening I had a new recipe smoothie for supper and it was delicious made with fresh pineapple and banana.
It was so cool and damp in the house tonight we built a fire downstairs to get that warm wood fire comfort again. That is going to be hard to get used to being without.
The temperature was around 60 today but the clouds and dampness made it feel cooler.
It is 51 degrees at 10:45 tonight.
Grateful for the blessings of this day and thankful for the wonderful world God created .
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Love your new pathway. I have always felt that a stone path adds character to a house. Good luck with it; hope it helps the mud situation. Damp and foggy here this morning. Blessings

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Love your walkway!