Thursday, March 26, 2015


As I woke up this morning and looked out at the cloudy sky I thought about this day 30 years ago, oh my 30 years ????  
Yes my youngest child is 30 years old today !!
Daughter was born around 6pm after an interesting day for me. My water had broke while I was shopping, my sister in-law drove me to the hospital while hubbie tried to get back from another county where he was delivering uniforms in his job.  I was known for long labor and although this was the shortest labor of the three kids it still lasted about 4 hours so there was time for everything to settle down before she made her appearance.
The decade pictures last night show her birth and she was a lovely little 6 lb. 14 oz girl.
With 2 older brothers she routinely dressed in blue in her early years.
Daughter has become a wonderful adult. She teaches and coaches with the same caring, faithful that way she lives her life.

She is a wonderful sister and a very special aunt.
She is a very supportive friend and goes beyond the call of duty in all that she does.
HAPPY  30th  BIRTHDAY DAUGHTER, we are very proud of you.
I did manage to face this day feeling a bit older, haha !!
After chores and breakfast I took a nice walk around the farm. Noticing some new bloomers this morning encouraged by the recent rains I'm sure.
These little blue flowers  seem to be taking over the upper part of the lawn.
I saw the first Wild Wood Hyacinths this morning.
And also the Dandelions are just now starting to poke their pretty blooms up.
After my walk I went into town to run the weekly errands and pick up baking supplies and groceries. This is the last Thursday before market starts back next week on Thursdays.
I went by Sam's Club to pick up a few things and do some price comparisons between Sam's and Amazon, Sams was cheaper on the things we buy.
I got home about 2:00 and had a late lunch before starting my sewing for the day. As I tried to sew some of the material I cut out yesterday I decided all of it needed ironing so I ironed instead of sewing today.
I took a cake order on the phone , then the neighbor came by and ordered and paid for 2 caramel cakes to be delivered the next two Sundays.
When hubbie got home we went up to #2 son's to check out his new fire pit.  He did a great job on it and surrounded it with the rubber mulch. It looks great, I'll have to go back and make photos as I didn't think about it today.
After chores and supper we watched UNC play their last basketball game of the season as they lost to Wisconsin in the sweet 16 round of the tournamnet.It was a very good clean close game so they can be proud of the way they played.
Guess we are NC State fans now as they play tomorrow night against Louisville.
I reviewed my blog book and it is ready to purchase when I find a coupon like I always use.
The weather is taking a turn back toward winter for the next few days. We may even get some snow with the mid to low 20's overnight temps the next couple days.
After the upper 60's temperatures of the last week tomorrow's 40's and Saturday's 30's during the day are going to be a reminder that this is very early spring  and anything can happen !!
Friday and Saturday nights temps are hard freeze warning temps in the mid to low 20's.  Thankfully we don't have much blooming except our plum trees.
Thanking God again tonight for the wonderful memories of my life and prayerfully hoping it is His will that I have many more.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

A very Happy 30th Birthday to your daughter! She is a lovely woman. Cold has settled in here again. Tried walking yesterday - it was a very cold wind. today is supposed to be even colder and windier so no walk for me. Have a great weekend and God bless you and your family.