Saturday, March 7, 2015


Off to market this morning on a still pretty chilly morning as evidenced by the thick layer of frost on my windshield and the thick layer of ice on the waterers .
As the temperature warmed so did business in market and I ended up having a very nice day as several orders got picked up and it was very close to a sell out day.
Susan came by with her little boy and kept me company.  After market we went to an estate sale at the place that we usually go but neither of us found anything we "needed" !!
She went home and I stopped by Ingles to pick up some things for tomorrow's lunch than came home.
Hubbie helped me unload then we were having a cup of coffee when Aa,Re and the kids came through the yard to walk over to their property and stake out a house site.
I walked with them for some nice exercise for today.
We came back and EL wanted to swing for a few minutes. She is so independent and wants to do things all by herself now. She insisted she didn't need PaPa to hold her hands on the swing chains.
She did okay but looked like she might have regretted that decision.
Hubbie and I got the chores done and then had supper before settling down to watch TV. We watched the UNC / Duke ballgame which Duke won in another close game.
I deviled some eggs for tomorrow's lunch and got some things ready to go in the crock pots and pressure cooker tomorrow.
Thankful for the business of today and for the blessing of health and happiness as I strive to honor His name in all that I do each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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