Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Well the yucky weather is back but at least it isn't cold, just drizzly and damp.
As I re-kindled the fire in the downstairs wood stove to combat the damp coolness of the morning I wondered how many more days this would be part of my morning routine.
After chores and breakfast I started changing the bed clothes and furniture covers as well as putting away all the Valentine and winter decorations, replacing them with spring decor.
March can be a snowy month for us too but it always also has some spring days to enjoy.
I need to get back in the habit of my morning walks.
I did extra loads of laundry and enjoyed going through all my shelf sitters to pick our different things to look at for the next month.I love this set of collectable plates called "wildflowers of the south" and thought they fit in perfectly for the warm weather anticipation. At least it is spring on the inside !!!

Re had a dr's appointment this afternoon then a meeting about a home loan so little EL got to spend the afternoon with Mimi.
I can't think of any more enjoyable way to spend the time than snuggling with this little angel.
She took a nice long nap as soon as she arrived and I quietly worked on getting my prints into albums while she slept. As soon as she woke up she asked to go outside as I had promised her we would do if she took a good nap and a more than 2 hour nap is a good nap !!
It was cool outside but she wanted to ride her little car down the hill until her little hands felt like ice cubes. Then I bribed her with a cookie to come inside and all was well !!
We spent the rest of the evening playing with all her toys inside.

Hubbie and I took turns doing our outside work so we didn't have to get her back outside as the rain started coming down pretty hard .
Her mom and dad came after her and said their meeting went well and now they just have to make some decisions and choices.
The weather today was cloudy and very damp with temps around 50 degrees, tonight it is 47 at 10:00 with rain falling outside.
By tomorrow night we will get a visit from the winter storm named Thor after a really nice warm day.
Hubbie and I watched a UNC / Georgia Tech ballgame tonight and UNC ran away with it.
Grateful for all my blessings of this day and thankful as always for the love of a wonderful Savior.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Little El is just so cute. Glad to hear that Re and Aa's meeting went well. We had snow and ice yesterday. Today is just plain cold. Love your plates - so Spring like. Come on Spring. Blessings