Thursday, March 12, 2015


7am alarm this morning as g-son came to get ready for school while his mom had to be at a meeting by 8am.  I took him into school and he was happy as a lark . Maybe the spring fever he had a week ago went away for awhile at least.
I came home did the chores and had breakfast then Re picked me up and we headed into town to run our errands and pick up groceries.
We stopped at the bank first so she could open savings accounts for the kids.  This is a pic she took of EL giving her first deposit to the bank lady.
Both the kids were little angels today for the most part as we got all but one stop made before having to get home for nap time.
We had some fun in Walmart trying on Easter hats !!!
EL looks like a true Southern Belle with this big hat on.

We dropped my groceries at my house then went over to get the kids settled and get Re's things inside and put away. The kids were ready for naps so I headed home to put my things away and catch the second half of the UNC / Louisville ACC tournament game which UNC won in a great game.
While the game was on I also put photo's in albums, getting all the way thru October 2014.
Only 2 months to go and 2014 pics are done !!
Today has really been a nice day, sunny with temps in the low 60's.
After chores hubbie and I watched the Duke / NCState game which was a blowout by Duke.
Daughter came by and showed me her new I phone 6 she just upgraded to this afternoon. She was having trouble getting everything working on it.  But I'm sure she is so tech savy she will figure it out.
I am more than ready for an early bedtime tonight after my 7:00 wake up. Maybe this is what it took to get my body to switch to the new time.
I have been going to bed earlier but still can't get to sleep any earlier, I think tonight will be different.
Thankful to God for a Blessed day and for the love of a wonderful loving Savior.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

The kids look so cute in all the pictures. Love the bunny ears. Yesterday was very nice around here also. Sure thinking Spring is finally here. Have a great weekend. Blessings