Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Up earlier this morning on my new schedule. After chores and breakfast I went outside in the cool , mid 40's morning to take my morning walk.
As I walked I noticed all the blooms that have burst forth in the last few days. This decorative peach tree is pretty against the foggy morning and hubbie put out the Purple Martin guords early this year in hopes to attract some of these birds to our yard.
These Plum trees are now in total full bloom. With the freezing temps predicted for this weekend this years plum crop will probably not make it as usual.
Another regular Peach tree is also starting to put on some blooms.
Surprisingly the Forsythia is blooming very sparsely so far this year.
The driveway banks are covered with these dainty little Crown Vetch blooms.
Of course this bed in the yard is the most colorful right now.
As I walked down the driveway I heard a commotion down at the pond. Seems these three Canadian Geese have taken over the pond and although they don't mind these Mallard ducks they were fiercely keeping away the Heron that usually frequent the pond.

I came back inside and began my days work of housecleaning. Since Thursday market days are coming back I need to do all the cleaning in one day and Tuesday's are a good choice.
I stopped and had a quick lunch and continued totally cleaning , finishing about 2:30.
I had planned to sit outside and take a nice vitamin D break but since the clouds were now covering the sun I decided to sew up some pillows I had cut out.  I sewed and stuffed 19 of these little eyelet lace pillows.
I have been sold out of these for months.  I have some time scheduled into each day now to get some sewing done since I have let my sewing month March slip away without getting any sewing done.
Hubbie came in from dropping some things off at daughter's on his way home.
He worked on his truck for a while and I watched the early news.
There was another pretty sunset this evening but I missed most of it. I took this when I went back up to shut the doors on my chicken houses.

After chores we had supper and then I finished my next blog book. I could only get 3 months to download into this volume so that was faster to edit.
All I have left to do is check back over it and it will be ready to send to the publisher.  I wound up using Blurb again simply because I didn't find any other publisher that was as user friendly as Blurb. Evidently I had to many images for a full six month book.
Thankful tonight for the blessings of this day and for this little blessing that will arrive in mid September. Thanking the Lord each day that it was finally in His will for #1 son and d-in-love to add to our family.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

isn't it nice to be able to get outside and walk again? I know it has been fro me. So glad Spring is finally arriving. Can't wait for things to start budding and blooming here. Love all the lovely pictures you posted. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Congrats on a new upcoming grandbaby....

We don't have any flowering trees here in our area yet--except our Forsythia Bushes...

I will post some Spring pictures from our yard tomorrow... We do have some flowers blooming here. BUT--we are supposed to have a freeze this weekend. Yuk...