Saturday, March 21, 2015


A nice market day morning on this first Saturday of spring.
Market was really slow today , but I am thankful for all I did sell.   Susan brought her son Ben and kept me company on this slow sales day.
After market I stopped at Aldi to get some things for tomorrow's lunch and then came home to meet Susan as she needed to get her laundry done.
Hubbie helped me unload while Susan got her laundry started. Then we took Ben outside to play on this nice warm, mid 60's, sunny afternoon.
Ben liked playing in the Magnolia tree that g-son always called his playhouse tree.
There is just something about trees and little boys that is magnetic !
Re came over with the kids and we all walked over on their property where Aa has been working on starting the grading and road building today.

It already looks amazing and her has only worked a short time.
EL looks really weak and is still having stomach issues but hopefully she has turned the corner as she was hungry for some crackers today and seemed to be keeping them down okay.
We came back to the house and Susan finished her laundry while Ben played with legos and of course he and hubbie became fast friends.
After they went home hubbie and I watched our March Madness Saturday night games. Hurray for the North Carolina teams and we watched NC State defeat one of the number one seeds, Villanova and then watched UNC defeat Arkansas.
It is after midnight now as I type this but after two action packed , nail biting games , I am winding down before I get into bed.
Got a sad e-mail from another out of town cousin letting me know that another special cousin lost his battle with cancer last week. Hugh was a very special man as stated in the obit but I can personally attest to that as I remember each year when I was young getting a really nice Christmas gift from Hugh. It was a special surprise when my family was struggling and sometimes that gift was the highlight of that Christmas morning.  R. I. P. Hugh, I will never forget your kindness.

Thanking the Lord for a wonderful blessing filled day. I am glad that He brought Susan and Ben into our lives, it is a strange thing how God works sometimes.  My friend calls them "God Winks", when God puts people in our lives at certain times, sometimes they need us, sometimes we need them, sometimes it is a mutual need.   I wonder what His plans are for her and Ben and I wonder what my family's part will be in their lives.  As we try our best to live out the best possible glorifying Him life and patiently wait for His next move we will forever be grateful for all His love and grace in each of our lives.
Good Night and God Bless

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Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Hope you are having some Spring weather. We have Crocus, Daffodils and Hyacinths blooming around our yard. BUT--they are calling for temps of 28 here on Friday and Sat. nights... YUK.....

A friend lost her husband to cancer this past week. Very sad for her since she just recently lost her Daddy.

The North Carolina teams are doing well. I loved seeing State beat Villanova... BUT--I was hoping Arkansas would be UNC... Oh Well... Great games...