Sunday, March 29, 2015


25 degrees this morning , that will do quite a bit of damage to any blooming fruit trees in the area.
Church was good today as we went over the Palm Sunday chapter in Matthew.
I got my new "secret sister" name today. I like doing secret sister and sneaking little gifts and cards in for them each month.
Today's lunch bunch was smaller then normal as #2 son is golfing in SC and then helping a friend replace an outside heat pump unit on a rental house he owns down there, Re and the kids are visiting family and Aa is working today. That left #1 son's family, daughter , Susan, hubbie and I.
After everyone left today hubbie and daughter went over to her house to do some spring work.
I decided to go to Sam's Club for a deal on a pressure cooker and grill I saw on their mark down shelf  last week.
Another pressure cooker will come in handy for Sunday lunches and this grill looks really interesting. I can't wait to try it out on some steaks. This combo was a display model and was originally priced at $179. I got it today for $109, the grill alone is in Walmart for $149, the pressure pot is missing a cover for the pressure release valve on the lid which I am going to call tomorrow and order along with hopefully the manuels that go with both.
I met daughter and hubbie at Home Depot to help her pick out some things for her yard and I bought a couple things for me also . I got another purple Hyacinth that smells heavenly.
I spent a cool evening relaxing and catching up on some blog reading. We also watched Duke defeat Gonzaga to get into the final four.  Michigan State defeated Louisville earlier in the day so the final four is set for next weekend as these two join Wisconsin and Kentucky.
It is nearing the end of the month and I still have a couple decade post to do so tonight this is what was going on in March 1995.
#2 son turned 12 years old on the first day of March. He celebrated with his bother and sister and a couple younger cousins.

And birthday time again on the 26th when daughter turned 10 this year. She celebrated with her best friend Carla, who was a frequent visitor at our house, and her brothers and younger cousins.

It is strange to look back on these pictures and feel as if they were just yesterday but then I remember, #2 son turned 32 this March and daughter just turned 30, Carla is a married lady now with 2 little boys of her own, the oldest cousin Susie lives and works in Asheville, NC, the other little girl cousin Carla is holding is getting ready to graduate college this spring and the blonde headed little boy cousin #1 is holding now works with hubbie at the school system.  Amazing !!!!

Today we celebrate Palm Sunday the day Jesus rode the donkey into Jerusalem on the streets with Palm fronds and glad people shouting Hosanna as He rode by.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I always loved Palm Sunday will all the palm fronds. Watched the movie "Killing Jesus" last night on National Geographic Channel. A very thought provoking film - more historical than religious. Blessings to you.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi, We had two wicked nights of freezing temps (about 28 one night and 22 the next) --but luckily, other than our Hyacinths (which as now lying on the ground), we didn't have any damage. We had covered some of our new growth and roses--so that helped. Other than Forsythia, luckily, none of our other fruit trees (or any trees) have budded or bloomed yet.... SO--I think our area is okay.

Glad the freeze is over and hope that is the LAST one of this spring!!!!! I'm enjoying our warmer temps today. YEAH.

Great pictures showing the kids when young--and their birthday cakes. When did you start making cakes for profit????? I would love to have one of your special cakes....YUM....