Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Don't forget to wear your green today !!
After chores and breakfast I headed into town to the bank and to the box office for the downtown Flat Rock Playhouse.
G-son has been asking to go to a play at the playhouse and the youth theater are putting on The Wizard of Oz all this month so d-in-love called last night to ask if we wanted to go. This Sunday is only day left that everyone that wants to go can get it in their schedules.
The 2:00 slot was almost filled up but we found 8 seats in two rows that were empty so we all could sit close together.  Five seats in row 3 and three seats in row 4 isn't bad but the seats are at the back on one side of the stage. The lady in the box office assured me these were not bad seats, only time will tell. Looking forward to Sunday.
I came back home and did some house cleaning while trying to download my next blog book. I have used Booksmart's Blurb to make the first 10 volumes of my blog book but looks like I will be looking for another place to make this book as the Blurb site just isn't working this time. When I went into the discussion group there were alot of folks having the same problem as me. I asked for help from the support desk but am still waiting on a reply. Grrrrrr !!!
The sun was shining brightly again today and it was around 70 degrees for the second day in a row.
When hubbie came in from work we got the garden plowed. It is still pretty wet but it will dry nicely we think.
Sadie is checking the newly turned soil for any critters that might have been stirred up.
After chores I walked down in the pasture and along the creek just as the sun was going down.
This Plum tree has burst into bloom with the warm temps of the last few days.

Another beautiful sunset this evening as a few clouds make their way into the area with a front that is expected to bring rain by tomorrow night .
Today at the high school daughter teaches at was "teacher twin" day. The students picked a teacher and dressed like they did.  This is daughter and her " twin"  Reva .

Hope everyone had a wonderful St Patrick's Day and I hope all your wishes come true.
St. Patrick's Day celebrates the death of St. Patrick , the priest who shared God with the Irish people.

Thankful for a blessed day of warmth and sunshine.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

I am so loving looking at your pictures of Spring. It has cooled off around here again but at least the snow has melted. Did see a robin or two and I can hear more birds singing. Blessings