Friday, March 27, 2015


Heard the rain this morning before the alarm went off. The temperature was predicted to drop steadily throughout the day today so it looks to be a really nasty day.
I finished chores and hurried back inside out of the light cold rain.
After an inside walking video today I got busy baking a few cakes for orders tomorrow. I baked 2 chocolate, 2 pound cakes and a blackberry wine cake. I predict it will be a very slow market day with the cold weather and even a chance of some snow early in the morning.
Our entire area is under a hard freeze advisory for tonight with upper 20's expected and then tomorrow night it is going to be even colder with lows expected to reach the lower 20's.
The area peach farmers are already counting their loses as the trees are all in full bloom now which is about 2 weeks early in most places.  The weatherman called this "Dogwood" winter but I disagree as I have not seen any Dogwoods in bloom around here yet.
I think this is just a March cold snap and we have our "Dogwood", "Blackberry", and Easter "cold spells to get through yet.
Around our farm nothing is out far enough for this cold snap to hurt except the Plum trees but we kind of expect them to get hit as they always bloom too early for this area.
After lunch I cleaned the kitchen, plus cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer.
With the rain still misting outside and the wind getting up I built a fire in the wood stove downstairs to knock off the chill and dampness in the house and keep the heat pump from running constantly. It felt rally good.
I tackled my sewing stack and before my shoulder muscles screamed at me to take a break I got 1 large bonnet and 2  small bonnets made.
I sell a lot of bonnets for Easter so hopefully I can get more made before next week.
I took a break out in the sunroom with a hot cup of tea and a new "Our State" magazine. I also caught a glimpse of the first Brown Headed Cowbirds today as they took advantage of the refilled feeders. This is the handsome male.
I always hope these songbird nest invaders quickly pass through our area and move on north.
After chores I emptied 3/10ths inch of rain from the gauge as the wind really picked up making the upper 30's temps feel like the teens, brrrrr.
After supper I iced cakes then hubbie and I watched more March madness as we watched NC State Loose to Louisville and the UNC women loose a close game to SC on a heart breaking last second shot. 
I am grateful to God tonight for all the blessings of this day and for the wonderful sacrifice He made for all man kind as Holy Week approaches.
Good Night and God Bless.

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