Sunday, March 8, 2015


Okay I am trying to be positive this year about this time change thing .  I do enjoy the longer evenings and now I can start watching the entire news cast before it is time to head out to do the feeding chores.  I feel okay this morning but I'm sure by evening I am going to be dragging from the less sleep I got last night.
As I woke this morning at the regular 8am time by the alarm, I was reminded that it was 7am yesterday at this time. Not complaining , just sayin !!!!!
I came across a couple recipes that we are trying out today. I have cooked a turkey breast all night in one of the crock pots and this morning in another crock pot I fixed a "crock pot" broccoli cheese casserole. We also put dried mixed beans in my power cooker and covered them with water, set the dial for 30 minutes as per instructions. I did not think these would be done in that 30 minutes, but worth a try. After the 30 minute cook time was up it went to the warm cycle and held there.
Church was good today, preached by Craig our associate pastor again in the absence of the senior pastor who is on a mission trip.
Everyone made it to lunch today with a couple extra guest. Susan and her little boy, Benji , ate with us today. She brought a couple yummy desserts to go along with everything else.
The broccoli casserole was delicious and the dried beans in the power cooker were perfectly cooked.
We also had candied sweet potatoes, boiled red potatoes, green beans, corn and rolls with iced sweet tea to drink.
Everyone enjoyed the food and fellowship.
EL and I showed Susan around the farm and then everyone left for their own Sunday afternoon activities.
As I walked around this evening I am starting to see the first signs that spring growth is starting.
The green buds on these plum trees have really progressed since just last Monday when we were pruning them.
This row of Daffodils never gave up their blooms even after the early ones got coated in ice and snow a couple weeks ago.
The Oregano is starting to poke its new green leaves up through the mulch.
With the new longer evenings before chore time today I took some time to sit outside in the covered patio for the first time this season in just my sweatshirt and pants (no insulated cover-alls) .
This sunset shows the edge of the rain clouds that are moving into our area overnight and for the entire week if the weather gurus are correct.

But the temperatures look more early spring like.
Thanking God tonight for the wonderful blessing filled day and praying for all my family and friends , that in the coming days they find His wonderful peace and love in all that they do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

What a beautiful Sunday you had and dinner sounds so good. So glad Spring is starting to show around you. we warmed up very nice yesterday and the snow is starting to melt. Maybe Spring will arrive after all. Blessings.