Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Another cloudy morning greeted me today as I headed outside to get the animals their morning food and release them from their safe overnight houses to meet the day.
I'm sure they are hoping for some warm sunshine just as I am but not looking good for that today.
After breakfast I came back outside to get my morning walk in. With the temperature already in the 50's I didn't even need a jacket today over my sweatshirt.
These white Daffodils are starting to bloom along with the yellow ones along side the house.

We still haven't had much rain but that is supposed to change later today.
I baked an order of 4 pound cakes this morning for a lady to pick up later today then started housework.
I did some sewing repairs on some of the stuffed animals in the play room that are favorites with the kids then it was time for lunch.
I spent the afternoon doing housework and keeping up with the ACC tournament games on TV. UNC played Boston College and won that game easily.
The promised heavier rain came in about 3 this afternoon, the lady came after her cakes just as the rain started. Hopefully she didn't mind rain sprinkled cake boxes !!
About 3:45 I heard a loud bang and looked out the open front door. I saw a little black car  stopped in the wrong lane of traffic and a young man standing outside the open drivers door. I put my rain coat on and went out on the hill to see what was going on. I didn't see any other car or any thing that looked like it had been hit.  I saw #1 son who had just gotten home from work walking out to the road and a volunteer fireman came from the other direction and stopped .  He and #1 son were directing traffic around the car until the firetruck came with other help. I called #1 son to see what happened and he said the boy had slick tires on the front on his car and had slid into the guard rail along that section on road.  He had done quite a bit of damage to his car but nothing else and he wasn't hurt.  Thankfully no one was coming in the other direction as he slid across the road into the oncoming traffic lane.
This new pavement is very slick when it gets wet. When I look down on it from up here it looks like a mirror when it rains.
Hubbie came home after all the excitement was over and we watched the news trying to wait out the heavy rain before choretime.
Around 6 the rain stopped and we headed out to get the evening feeding done.
I emptied 2/10ths inch of rain from the rain guage after  the afternoon rainfall.
We are going to get a break in the clouds and rain starting tonight thru tomorrow so that will be nice.
The sun started to peak through the clouds tonight at sunset to remind us that it was still there !!!
 I did weekly paperwork and wrote a letter back to my cousin in Michigan who sent me a card. I need to keep in closer touch with these guys as they are some of my first cousins.
We watched Survivor on TV tonight and then went for early bedtimes.
Thankful for the wonderful day and for my health and that my Heavenly Father loves me.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Sounds like your "new road" is going to be a problem for traffic. You would have thought that the Powers That Be would have realized about the slick pavement when wet and either grooved the pavement or at least put up a sign warning people. Oh well, at least you and your family are aware of it and will take precautions. Blessings