Thursday, March 19, 2015


A yucky rainy morning today as I gather my rain gear to go do the outside chores.
Along with the rain the temperature has been dropping and it is into the low 40's with upper 30's expected in the afternoon.
I ate breakfast,then got ready to go shopping and run errands with Re and the kids.
We spent most of our time in Target getting things for EL's birthday party.
She loves trying on hats.

Baby BB is getting so big, but not quite big enough for this hat !!
After the rain got heavier we made a lunch stop at Sonic then took turns grocery shopping in Aldi so the kids wouldn't have to get out in the cold rain.
We got home and unloaded by nap time for the kids.
As I walked home from their house I passed this plum tree now fully bloomed out in it's snowy white blossoms.
Look how green the grass is getting with the warmth and recent rain we have had.
After having a hot cup of green tea to warm up and stoking the fire back into action I worked in my photo project for a nice , quiet rainy day afternoon.
I also made another attempt at downloading my blog to booksmart to make another book to no avail.
When hubbie came home we watched the news before sloshing back outside to do the chores. I emptied 3/10ths inch of rain from the guage this evening.
Daughter came by to pick up an extra dog cage to help with her dog sitting duty this weekend.
Also Susan came by to drop off some things for EL.
G-son who missed school today went to the doctor this afternoon and has a really bad looking throat but not strep. Hopefull he feels better quickly.
Little EL is still having some stomach issues we think because of her molars coming in.
I have what feels like swollen tonsils tonight,yuck !!!  I can't believe we all made it all winter and now on the verge of spring are all getting sick !!
Hubbie and I spent a typical for this time of year evening watching the March madness basketball games.
UNC won their first game against Harvard in a close game.
NC State won their game against LSU on a last second shot.
I am thankful tonight for a loving Lord who blesses me exceedingly each day with more blessings than I could ever deserve.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Looks like Spring has arrived at you house. I think I saw one tree here with tiny buds on it. Sure hope so. Take care of yourself and don't get sick. Have a great weekend. Blessings