Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Woke to another dreary morning looking like it would rain any minute.  My phone was beeping with text messages about the Silkies I had listed for sale last night.
The first man to text was late last night and he wanted all of them so I took numbers of everyone else just in case he didn't show up this evening.
I did have a lady from Chandler drive all the way over here to pick up 3 dozen silkie eggs to hatch.
I ate my breakfast before I went out to feed this morning as I am going to separate all the "for sale" silkie from the ones I am going to keep. I have 17 total to sell and that leaves me 11 to keep.
After about an hour I had this task done and was back inside.  My list of things to do today included cleaning up the kid's playroom. I went through the toys and threw away some broken things and some things I have no idea what they are. (g-son will probably be mad)  He has always known what every little piece goes with.
I had lunch then with the weather still threatening rain any time I worked in my sewing shop. I cut out 4 large bonnets, 4 aprons, 5 medium bonnets and 7 baby bonnets. This stack should give me plenty to sew during my sewing time each day.  There won't be any sewing today as my back has took all it can take today with all the cutting.
Re and the kids accompanied by her mom who is in for a visit came by while I was working in my shop.  Today is Re's 29th birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY  To a very special young woman. My prayers are with you always.
Speaking of birthday's , March has always been a busy birthday month for our family and March 1985  I had my third child and the Lord answered many prayers and graced me with a beautiful baby girl.

Her brothers loved her from first sight.
This birthday followed one already celebrated on the first day of March 1985 when #2 son turned 2 years old.  He had a party at Biltmore day care where both boys went at that time.

He also had a party at home to celebrate with all his cousins. At that time there were about 13 cousins from months old to about 5 years old so they enjoyed getting together on birthdays.

Here is the birthday boy and his brother before the cake was cut.

Special March memories just keep coming as little EL also celebrates her 2nd birthday later this month.
The man came all the way from Sylva to pick up all the Silkies at 7:30. He was glad to get them. The lady who came after the eggs was hoping he didn't take them all as she wanted some and she said my price was too cheap. I don't think it was that cheap as I didn't have that many folks wanting to buy them.
Hubbie and I watched Survivor on TV then I did weekly paperwork and payed bills to end this months billing cycle since next Wednesday night will be April 1st.  Where has this month gone ?
I downloaded my latest shortened version of my next blog book tonight onto the Blurb site to be readied for publishing.
That tied up the computer until after my bedtime so I am writing this and bake dating it.
Thankful for the many many wonderful blessings God has given me through the years. Each time I do a decade post I am humbled by the grace of our all mighty Savior Jesus Christ.
Good Night and God Bless

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