Thursday, March 5, 2015


This is exactly how I felt as I went outside this morning in a cold windy rain to do the morning feeding chores.
After yesterday's sunny warmth this is brutal today.
The temp as I headed into town this morning about the same time it was 63 yesterday was almost 30 degrees colder today.
I ran all my weekly errands and stopped at Aldi and Walmart for groceries and baking supplies before heading home for a late lunch.
Winter's drabiness was magnified by the cold rain with snow flakes mixed in at times.
I needed a day like this to catch up on some inside things and I got them almost all caught up this afternoon as I watched the temperature drop steadily all day.
I got February business figures in the books, caught up on my blog book reading and got out all the March decade pics.
The earliest decade happening I found was in March of 1945 when my uncle Cecil , my dad's brother, died.

Thankfully there were some happy things that happened in March also.
On March 7 of 1945 my oldest first cousin on my mother's side was born to my mom's oldest sister Carol and her husband Bob Warner. I love this little birth announcement card I found in one of my Aunt Hattie's old scrap books.
This is my Aunt Carol  with Veronica.

This was a good way to spent this cold nasty afternoon, reviving memories !!
The temperature is supposed to keep dropping, reaching 20 degrees by morning then not getting out of the low 40's tomorrow.
These are the record lows that are forecast for tomorrow morning.
Yes , this is March, but the national snow cover area is the largest it's been all winter so far  !
To show the seriousness of the cold in February on Grandfather Mountain there were 5 new record lows recorded. On February 14 negative 10.8 degrees, Feb. 15 negative 11.1, Feb. 18 negative 15.4, Feb. 19 negative 16.4, and on Feb. 20 negative 10.7  all set new records for this almost 6,000 feet high mountain top .
This is the weather station in the living room tonight verses last night except the time which is an hour earlier than last night. There is a 33 degree drop in temperature from last night !!!

God is in control and I rest in the comfort of the knowledge that He knows best and His timing is perfect.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I think records are being set all over the place. Nashville TN had 2.9 inches of snow. So much for global warming; I think "mini ice age" is more appropriate. At least we can leave it all in God's hands knowing He knows what is best for us. Have a blessed weekend.

Gail said...

It was Eight this morning!

Stay warm.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, WELL---we've had a rough winter here --but two things are different for us: 1. Even though it has been cold, it has not been as cold as LAST winter. AND 2. Out of all of these storms, we have gotten VERY little snow this year.. I love snow --and have been disappointed that we didn't get any.

BUT--we got something that I hate: ICE and lots and lots of it. We had 3 ice storms, one being yesterday. Luckily, only one of them was destructive. It's been a winter we will never forget.

Stay SAFE and WARM ---and hopefully, spring will be here soon for both of us.