Friday, March 20, 2015


This first day of spring broke cloudy with temps in the low 40's, but no rain or snow this year for us. Our northern friends aren't so lucky as we reach the "u" in the winter storm alphabet and Ultima ushers in spring for those folks.
I finished chores and had breakfast then finished paying some bills that were waiting on my desk and then took them to the P.O. I went to Ingles to pick up some extra sugar to make 3 caramel cakes and a couple blackberry wine cakes for late orders that came in.
I picked up little EL some Pediolyte and some other stuff the doctor told Re to get for her still upset tummy, bless her little heart.
I had lunch then baked my cakes, before cleaning up the kitchen.
I was determined to figure our my blurb book making problems this afternoon. I got my laptop out and tried downloading my blog post on it with the same results as my desk top. At least that tells me it is not a computer problem or a browser or operating program problem because my desk top and lap top have different programs on these.
I decided to try only three months at a time instead of six and it worked. Now I need to figure out how I can add the other three months or maybe my book will only be three months long this time.
While all this downloading was going on I almost got all last years photos in albums, only lacking a week at the end of the month.
When hubbie came home we rested ad watched Virginia win their tournament game , later Duke won also but I only caught glimpses of this one while I iced my cakes and got things ready for market.
On my way to the Edneyville P. O. this morning I got a really great memory jog.  Some trees had been cut down in from of this old house.

This old house is where one of my best friends and cousin's by marriage grew up. Her name was Renda Beddingfield,  we had many great times in this old house and I remember the wonderful wood cook stove aroma that filled this home as her mom cooked.
I talked to her at a basketball game last month but she didn't say anything about the old house. She and her husband and her brother's family all still live on the property that surrounds this old house.
A wonderful memory jog just for driving past !!
To continue with my decade pictures there is a picture of my dad's sister who was the Beddingfield connection as she had married a Beddingfield. She is the white haired lady in the back in this five generations photograph. Aunt Hattie or Kate as she was affectionately called died March 26,1965.
Others in the picture are seated my grandfather,Hattie's dad, Rickard Martin Pryor, Aunt Hattie Beddingfield, her daughter, Geneva Fletcher, Geneva's son Harry Fletcher and his wife ,Charlene and first born son Wayne who made the fifth generation.
Spring is my second favorite time of year behind Fall. I look forward each year to the fresh new colors as things wake up from their long winter's nap.
Love this Spring poem.
Thankful to God for the blessing of this wonderful time of year when all His creation seems to burst forth with beauty.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Busy Lady! Glad you are taking a moment for yourself!