Monday, May 11, 2015


Up early to start a busy day. After chores and breakfast hubbie and I took daughter's jeep out to school for another prospective buyer to look at.
We came back home and hubbie started tilling the garden and I sorted through our seeds while Re brought the kids over and got them settled in.
Baby BB went to sleep and slept the entire morning in the back of her suv pulled in the cool shady barn.

Little EL had a job of shelling corn for the chickens which kept her occupied for quite a while, at least until Pawpaw finished tilling so he could help her.

Re and I got the entire rest of the summer garden planted and all the new plants set out. The sun was blazing down and I got a nasty sunburn on my back but it is done !!  Now we wait and hope that God sees fit to water it for us and let it grow so we can be busy bees later this summer and preserve another good crop.

We all came inside for lunch. Re's father-in-law was working on the their property across the road and he came over to eat with us. Hubbie fired up the grill and we had more of the extra hamburgers and hotdogs that we had yesterday.
It was a good meal after a hot morning of hard work. Baby BB wanted some chips since everyone else was eating them !
After they all left I got Monday laundry started then hubbie and I went back up to the garden under now cloudy skies to do some weeding in the spring vegetables.
We got all the weeds pulled except one row before the thunder and lightening got too close and the rain began.
It didn't rain much at all maybe a trace. The thunder continued and the clouds hung around all afternoon so I stayed inside and went through my photos to get out all my decade pics for May.
I found a couple things from May 1945 in an old scrapbook my aunt kept.
This is a newspaper clipping announcing the Sautatorian and Valadictorian for  the graduating class at Dana school in May 1945.
Also in the book was this graduation invitation from Drexel High School for that year. The name card was missing but it was for one of my cousin Geneva Fletcher's boys as they all went to Drexel high school. I'm not sure which one graduated in 1945.

I always like looking at these old invitations and wondering why some of the designs were chosen to put on them ?
I finished three loads of laundry and then did chores a little early to get ahead of another light rain shower that left only another trace, barely settling the dust.
After supper Re and kids came over and we walked over on their property to check out he progress. The power company came today and got all their part done and are just awaiting the arrival of the home.
As we started down the drive way the sunset was breath taking.

We got back at almost dark and then rested for the rest of the evening. I felt tired but good. Hubbie said we should start walking like this every evening.
Praying for the folks that have been and are still in the path of some severe storms that moved across the country again today. As I type this tonight  I can hear thunder in the distance. Thankful for all the blessings of this day and for the wonderful grace He shows me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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