Monday, May 18, 2015


Up early and out to get things done so I could be at the eye doctor at 9:30. This is my annual check up so hubbie went along just in case they dilated my pupils. They didn't dilate, they have a machine that takes pictures of my eyes and they are watching a spot, or what doc calls a "freckle", on one of my eye balls so my insurance pays for the pricey pics.
Everything checked out great today, my distance eye sight is actually getting a little better. Guess that says my glasses are the correct strength.
After we left there we stopped in Tractor Supply for birdseed and then went to a local car dealer to look at a SUV I found on line.  It turned out to be on their lot in Asheville so they are going to bring it over Thursday for me to look at, it is a Toyota Highlander.
We made it home and I got laundry started before lunch.
It is cloudy today and they are saying we will get some rain, we hope they are right.
After lunch hubbie and I went up to the garden and did some weeding until the raindrops ran us inside.
It didn't rain much at all and the storm seemed to pass to the north of our area. Unfortunately for a homeowner in Champion Hills which is on the other side of town, it stormed at their house and lightening set their million dollar vacation home on fire and it was deemed a total loss.
The fire was so hot the firemen fought heat stroke and dehydration  in the humid 80 degree day.
Luckily no one was at home when the fire started.
I caught up on my blog book reading and then sat on the front porch and watched a wild turkey over in Aa's bottom pasture. The turkey was running all the crows away from the area he seemed to be patroling. I wonder if there is a mama hen turkey setting on eggs in that same area.
I did 3 loads of laundry while relaxing and waiting for the promised rain which never came. We got 2/10ths inch in our gauge by chore time this evening.
Re and I went out to make one last run through the kids sale today.
While Re looked through all the remaining clothes I helped sis-in-law Sandy put away tables and clean up.
We got home just in time to check out d-in-loves new car. She traded her Toyota Corolla for this 2010 Nissan Pathfinder.
While we looked at the vehicle we noticed this double rainbow over the pastures.
We unloaded all our finds from the sale and Re went home with the kids while Aa was bush hogging the pasture.
Hubbie and I did chores and then planted the plants that I have been keeping watered down by the water hose in the garden in hopes that overnight will bring rain.
We came inside and relaxed for the evening.
Grateful tonight for the blessings of the day and for the graciousness of our Lord and Savior .
Good Night and God Bless.


Linda E said...

Another busy day. We got some rain....a little, then it would stop and start again, about 5 times. No steady downpour tho! Hope you get a little more soon. Have a good Tuesday.

linda m said...

Oh, I love double rainbows. I will be happy to send you some of our rain. Since it is making my grass grow way to fast, just think what it would do fro all your plants. Haha Blessings