Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Thanking God this morning for 6/10ths inch of overnight rain in the gauge that we received !!
Chores done early and I'm off to Asheville for my annual physical exam.  Running a  bit late of course I get behind a sightseer going across the mountain.  Try as I might to keep calm so my blood pressure would be normal it didn't work.
By the time I got to the doctor's office without eating breakfast and the stressful drive over had given me a higher than normal BP reading which the doctor had a laugh about.  She said as good as all my other lab work looked she couldn't imagine my pressure being that high all the time. But I was to watch it just to be safe.
The only thing that was not normal today was my vitamin D level and as much as I try to be outside in the sun it had dropped 10 more points from last year's already low total so she prescribed me some vitamin D pills.
I only take one of these little buggers a week so they must be pretty potent.
I went by the Honda dealership to pick up a floor mat they had forgotten to put back in yesterday after they cleaned my new suv.
I made it home just before noon and had a nice lunch from last night's left overs.
After lunch I tackled my house cleaning chores. I skipped the house cleaning during last weeks busy days so today was a must do cleaning.
It always amazes me at how dirty the house gets if I skip a week of cleaning. When I clean on a regular schedule each week it sometimes seems that I don't need to be doing some things but when I skip a week I see why it is necessary to clean each week !!
I mopped myself out the door just in time to meet daughter to follow her to the bank where she met the folks who are buying her old jeep cherokee.  She was sad to see it go but she doesn't need two cars.
After finishing there we headed to her bank to deposit the money then to Sav Mor to get me some eggs for tomorrow's baking and then to Ingles to pick up my vitamin D prescription.
We made it back about 6pm. Daughter left to go meet Josh and have dinner.  Hubbie and I did the evening chores early to beat the impending rain that is headed our way. The clouds look pretty ominous.

After supper I sat out in the sunroom and watched the storm as it got closer. It only left 2/10ths inch more in the gauge but put on a distant lightening show.
After darkness fell the storms got closer and the rain got heavier from the front that has been flooding the southern plains that is passing through our area. It seems to be moving faster now so we don't expect the flooding rains that it has dropped in its past. Poor people in Texas are still battling more storms and warnings tonight from another system.

It seems to happen every year close to graduation time .  A local high school senior is killed in an automobile accident and this year is no exception as a North Buncombe Senior flipped her SUV and was killed early Sunday morning on I-240 in Asheville when she over corrected.
The students at North Buncombe remember her.
Such a tragedy just a couple weeks short of her graduation day. Prayers go out to her family as I have said before I cannot imagine their grief at this time.
Praying tonight for all the high schoolers as they get ready to start the next phase of their young lives. May they "choose to dance" as that old song states.
Thankful for my good report at the doctor's office this morning and always so grateful for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Linda E said...

Very sad about the young lady. Good report from the doctor always is a plus. We got that rain too, heavy at times, and not steady, but enough to water the garden and I know the veggies were smiling! God bless your day.