Sunday, May 31, 2015


A cloudy day greeted us this morning as we got ready for church.
When I came upon the smaller bridge project up the road I was surprised to see the road open again and the detour closed.
Church was good today I was a greeter on this fifth Sunday. EL wanted stayed with us in big church most of the time while her mom worked in the nursery.
Everyone made it to lunch except Aa who was planting soybeans today to beat the rainy week that is predicted.
We had roast beef, fresh green beans, corn on the cob, new potatoes, wilted lettuce and a rice "suddenly salad" box I found at Aldi yesterday with a lemon/honey poke cake that Re made for dessert, yum yum !!
After everyone left hubbie and daughter met her b-friend Josh at Home Depot to haul some mulch over to his place.
While I was here alone I enjoyed some nice relaxing time just enjoying the sounds and sights of God's creations in nature.
The sun was in and out of the clouds all afternoon but no rain threatened today.
I watered all my potted plants on the porches and under the eaves that haven't been able to get any of the recent rain. If it doesn't rain tonight or tomorrow I will need to water the other pots as it is already getting pretty dry again.
G-son brought a new stuffed toy by this evening for me to sew it's tail back on. He likes things to be neat so any loose threads have to be tightened, haha !!
As this month of May comes to an end I reflect back over a very busy month.
With market at two days a week and business picking up some from the last 4 months I was baking more. I also searched for a new vehicle after deciding I needed a 4-wheel drive for my older years as walking might be not a good alternative if I got stuck in the snow !!
I also attended a street festival the first of the month on Depot street in town and then at the end of the month of course there was the Garden Jubilee.

In between these we made a trip to the Pickens Flea market.
The annual Knight's Relay for Life was held at the high school where daughter works this month and we all attended.

D-in-love also was car shopping this month and found a 2010 Nissan Pathfinder before I decided on my new 2015 Honda Pilot during the Memorial Day sale they ran.

These three kept me entertained as I watch them all grow up so fast.

#1 son has been working three jobs this month. He has been helping out a friend he used to work for and working with the associate Pastor on Saturdays in his grading/ tree removal business, added to his regular DOT job.
D-in-love is getting along fine with this pregnancy.
 #2 son finally got his own regular mail route at the PO where he works. That will cut down the overtime hours he will have to work. He got a new soft top for his new jeep so he can put the top down in this nice weather.

Daughter attended a couple award ceremonies for her volleyball and basketball teams this month. She sold her old Jeep Cherokee that she held onto all winter after getting a new car in November.

Aa and Re have been continually working getting their property ready for their new double wide that should be here next month. 

We got our garden planting done and spent a lot of time watering during an early drought period.

Thankfully the temperature has not been hot adding to the drying.The flowers have been beautiful this month with all their bright colors.
I had a second batch of chicks to hatch out this month.

 In the southern plains states that were drought stricken last year they have been pounded with rain continually during this month causing historical flooding  and many deaths. There was snow storms in the the northern plains and fires in the dry west. The first tropical storm of the season was named and came ashore along the Carolina coast a month before hurricane season began.
 We are looking forward to what God has in store for our family next month.
 I sat out in the patio this evening and reflected over this past month and how blessed I have been and I am so thankful for those blessings. Praising the love of God each minute of each day as I strive to glorify Him in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless


Linda E said...

What a busy, but nice month May was to you and yours. Family means everything and spending time, rather working or socializing, is special.

linda m said...

Your month of May was a busy, but blessed month. Glad you finally found a car you like. So happy you have such a wonderful family so close by. I was in GA last week visiting my son and family. It is hard for me having them live so far away. Blessings