Thursday, May 7, 2015


Another sunny bright warm mid 50's morning as I get ready for market.
Something unfamiliar must have made a trip through the yard over night as the dogs are all acting very perturbed and have their noses to the ground to follow the scent. Hopefully it's not a raccoon as there was a rabid raccoon killed earlier this week not far from our area in the county after it attacked the homeowners dogs.  Hubbie says there is something in the barn again, he hears it rummaging around in the early morning when he gets in his truck to go to work.  He is going to set our live trap tonight to hopefully catch it and relocate whatever it is.
He has caught raccoons before out of the barn and relocated them to unpopulated areas away from here.
I made it to market on time today and business started out really slow but picked up as the day went on. I am always very thankful for the amount I do sell each day.
The board of control in the market has bent the rules that say everything we sell in here has to be grown or made in Henderson county and allowed the lady across the isle from me, Ruby King, to bring fresh strawberries from South Carolina in here for sale and it has boosted my pound cake sales as everyone thinks strawberry short cake when they see the berries.
I'm not sure how this board decision will work out. I have an idea that it will open up a whole new can of worms in here with some of the vendors who love to cause trouble when they can. Guess that will remain to be seen.
Fortunately the lady that is being allowed to have the berries is one of the biggest trouble makers in here.
After market I ran the regular errands and made stops at Aldi, Walmart and the farm outlet for groceries and baking supplies then I took my van through the car wash to wash off some coke or coffee that some how got spashed all down the side of the van.
Daughter who has been in Chapel Hill since last night with the other basketball coaches to receive awards and recognition for some of the accomplishments their team accomplished this year.
This is the service awards they received. Congrats to all of the team.
 I made it home earlier than usual and got things unloaded and put away before hubbie got in from work.
He ate supper but I have a very scratchy throat this evening and don't feel much like eating so I rested and watched the news.
After chores and a hot cup of green tea I felt better and decided to sit out in the outside patio and watch the sunset tonight. The sky is pretty cloudy from a storm that is brewing off the coast of SC and it made some pretty colors for the setting sun.
As I look around at all the green I could almost see all the plants and grass  growing with the warm sunshine of the last few days.
I came inside and decided this would be the night to finish my last blog book of 2014 and get it downloaded to the publisher. This always takes longer than I remember but at least it is done and I still have time to write this post to catch up my blog.
With the 2015 hurricane season statistically over 3 weeks away mother nature is showing her own statistics as she is sending the first named storm of the season, Ana, into the coast of SC over the weekend making the Mother's day weekend beach trip a no no for the beaches of NC and SC this year.

This storm is predicted to have minimal damage effects along the coast and probably none for us except cloudiness with increased humidity.

Thankful for all the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Hope you catch the pesky critter in your barn. I too think shortcake when I see strawberries. Whatever helps you sell you items is fine with me. But you are right about something like that opening a whole new can of worms. Good luck on that. I am loving all the "green" and new flowers popping up around here. Happy Mother's Day to you and have a great weekend.