Thursday, May 14, 2015


Market Thursday came early for me as I had a hard time going to sleep last night with some achy muscles.
I had a couple customers waiting for me when I arrived who bought multiple cakes so my day was off to a great stop. I had slow times during the day but it was an okay day for the amount of customers that came in.
After market I ran errands , stopped at Aldi and Walmart for groceries and supplies and made it home around 4:00. #2 son who is off today came in right behind me and helped me unload. He needed to order a soft top for his new jeep on my computer.
Hubbie came in just as he was leaving.
After chores and supper of pressure pot chicken and fresh greens from the garden hubbie in his truck and I in my van headed out to sis-in-law's sale place to pick up all our things.
Hubbie had a full truck with this hard plastic play set I bought and several other play things that Re bought.
This is all the my stuff that was in the van along with a big pack and play and more of Re and d-in-love's stuff.
Hubbie asked me if I was secretly starting a day care center with all this stuff.
I have everything I need now to keep the little ones entertained hopefully and if not "too bad for them" !!! Haha !
After we got home and unloaded , d-in-love came after her things and hubbie and I rested for the evening.
The temperature today was in the low 70's with a nice breeze, at times feeling like a jacket was needed. It was 47 this morning and will be around that tomorrow morning also.
Some bad news this morning triggered my memory of the decade post I had for May 1965. This school bus accident injured Connie Williams who was my best friend in elementary school and was hubbie's first cousin.

Connie passed away a few years ago with a cancerous brain tumor and this morning her dad died.  He was struggling with only one leg and the heartbreak of loosing his daughter, Connie and his wife, Christine, who was hubbie's mother's sister, within a couple years of each other leaving him alone and in poor health.
Praying for this family tonight as they have suffered loss after loss in the past several years , may they find the comfort they need in the love of Jesus Christ.
Thankful for all my blessings today.
Good night and God bless.

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linda m said...

You did make quite a haul form the yard sale. Sorry to hear about the death of your hubby's Uncle -in-law. Prayers are going out to all the family. Have a nice weekend. God's blessings on you and your family.