Friday, May 22, 2015


Well "blackberry winter" is a little late this year but it feels like it has arrived this morning at 47 degrees !
 After chores I looked around the yard at all my wonderful bloomers.
All that water carrying is paying dividends in "eye candy" for me.

The Roses are soooo pretty this year. This is the very fragrant blossom of the old climbing rose that I moved with me when we built this house.

These are so pretty and the trellis I bought Thursday for this red climber worked out perfectly.
I have one potted rose that I bought off the bargain clearance shelf at Walmart late last season. It has rewarded me well for rescuing it from being headed for the trash pile.
Re brought baby BB by to take his morning nap here while she went grocery shopping.
That works out great because I watch the monitor while I bake my cakes.
I baked 6 caramel, 1 chocolate and 4 pound cakes this morning, finishing just as BB woke from a restful nap.
EL ate her lunch here while Re gave BB his after-nap meal.
Hubbie has some time to use up before July so he took the afternoon off today.
We went car shopping for the afternoon. With plans to stop in three places and test drive at least a couple other choices we only made it to one place.
At Apple Tree Acura it took over 2 hours to test drive one vehicle. Mixed in with lost keys and traffic back up on the test drive route,grrrrr !!! I drove an MDX by Acura and decided against it , it was a bit smaller than some of the ones that are on my list plus it only uses premium gas which makes it a bit more expensive to drive. However I did find a Honda Pilot that I liked a lot that they had just taken in. It was being cleaned up in their shop so I made an appointment to go back Monday to drive it , but then I looked up the car fax on it I scratched it, as it had been in an accident. Although it said minor damage it was front end which is too chancy for a four wheel drive .
We left there and went by daughter's house to let her dog out and pick up a drop cloth she needed at school for the event tonight.
At home we hurried through chores and then went out to school to meet d-in-love, g-son, Re and her kids at the "knights relay for life" cancer fund raiser. We ate hotdogs donated by Hotdog World for our supper while watching the opening ceremonies.

Sue Moon who lost an older sister at the young age of 31 to cancer plans this event each year in honor of her sister and all cancer survivors.
Of course the kids got into the games as soon as they could.

 G-son takes a whack at the piñata and won a couple hand fulls of candy.
 EL was the luckiest one spinning this wheel, winning a t-shirt and a first aid kit. G-son won a $5 gift card to Dairy Queen and some other things he was tickled with.

Fun at the costume booth.
There was even a reptile display and g-son held this turtle but wanted nothing to do with the snakes the older kids were passing around !!

 Both the kids  had a fun time.
There were many more folks there to support the cause than last year so that was a great thing.
 Daughter was one of the teachers who was the main organizers of this event.

 They usually raise about $10,000 at this event for cancer research but daughter said they already had raised over $13,000 tonight and some of the events weren't added up yet. Great Job !!!!
G-son checked out the "senior rock" on the way to the cars.

We came home around 8:00 and I watered my potted plants again before resting while darkness fell on this really perfect 73 degree, sunny day.
Reluctantly I dragged myself into the kitchen to ice cakes and get things ready for market.
On days like today filled with the people who God has chosen for me I am extra thankful and go to sleep praising Him for all my undeserved blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Linda E said...

I always love coming to your blog and reading about your day. You are one busy lady. Hope your have a great Sunday.