Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Out to do the chores on this warm already 56 degree morning. After breakfast I took a walk and caught this bluebird leaving one of the houses over the grape vines carrying the fecal sac of the baby birds inside. I'll have to brag that this is one of the best pictures I have ever taken of my feathered friends.
I spent the rest of the morning watering my newly planted flowers and carrying the upstairs plants back outside and watering them. I did some house cleaning then was going to move the downstairs plants back outside but didn't have time before it was time to pick up g-son from early dismissal at school. His mom has to give a training class on a new computer program this afternoon so she has to stay at school.
When we got here Re and the kids were already here as she has an eye dr's appointment today so little EL and baby BB are going to take their afternoon naps here then get to play with g-son for awhile.
They both took naps while g-son ate a second lunch and watched TV.
Baby BB was the first to wake up and he became fast friends with g-son as they watched cartoons.

When Little El woke from her nap they all three got to enjoy each other and baby BB got to do what he does best , haha !
We all headed outside on this sunny 80 degree afternoon and BB and I watched as EL and g-son played then rested while having a cold freeze pop snack.

Love the same facial expressions as they slurped up the cold pops.
 Look at that carpenter bee flying through the picture at g-son's knee !!!
As I watched them enjoy the warm day I thought to myself what a wonderful summer this is going to be !
Re came and picked up BB to go with her to a staff meeting and EL stayed and played with hubbie and me as g-son had to go to soccer practice.  We blew bubbles which she loves and she gathered the eggs for me. She is getting better about placing them gently in the bucket !!
After Re picked her up I planted the remainder of the plants I bought last week. It was too dark for pictures so that will be tomorrow.
Hubbie and I finished out the evening in our rocking chairs on the front porch in the nice warm air.
Grateful for the blessing filled day today and the blessed time spent with these three special youngsters.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

The picture of the bluebird is fantastic. Love all the pictures of the kids. They sure seem to enjoy each others company. Blessings