Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Clouds ruled the skies this morning.  I removed all the plastic covers from the windows of my chicken coops as the summer heat gets closer.

After chores  and breakfast I took a walk in the cooler temps of the cloudy morning.
The traces of rain that fell yesterday was enough to brighten the wonderful spring colors and brought more roses into bloom along with other beauty.

The Blackberries are now in full bloom with fears of that dreaded "blackberry winter"weather nowhere to be seen.
The garden looks greener today and the little rain was just enough to reset some of the weeds we tilled up yesterday !!
Love this panorama of the early plantings and yesterday's late plantings.

The Iris are still showing off this year.

Sage blooming.
The house front and back.

Remember this bare earthed walkway , I finally have grass growing in it, yea !
After a nice long talking to God walk I came in for my morning devotions.
I did some house cleaning before lunch. I retrieved daughter's jeep from the potential buyers who really gave her a low ball offer. She said she would just keep it before she let it for $2000 less than she was asking !
Re had a class to attend this afternoon so the kids came here for awhile. Little EL went right to sleep for her 2 hour afternoon nap.  Baby BB and I had some quality alone time and he seemed to love being the only one for a little while.
 At only 4 months old he is rolling all around and holding himself up like a pro.
When EL woke up he loved watching as she played with her farm .
When Re got back and hubbie came in from work EL stayed here with him while Re and I went out to take her things to the consignment sale my niece runs twice a year. I also need to look around at some things I will be needing to take care of #1 son's new little girl coming in September.
Had a nice visit with sis-in-law and picked out a few things that I will go back for later.
We found a cute hat for BB. Such a happy boy !!
Back home Re took the kids home and hubbie and I did the chores and then did some watering of the garden plants we sat out yesterday. We need a good rain badly for the garden.
As this day ends my prayers go out once a gain to the people of Nepal as a second 7.3 earthquake  follows last month's 7.8 quake killing dozens more and injuring 1000's more in the already ravaged country.

I pray that these people lift their faith to the Lord and call on Him to get them through their grief and pain as I know His love can do.
So grateful for a loving , generous, living Lord and all the blessings He showers down on me each day.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

Your yard and garden are looking real good. Love the pictures of El and Baby BB. Both are so cute. Since the temps warm up around here and the rain finally came we have greened up nicely. More and more flowers are starting to bloom. I too have been praying for all the people in Nepal. Blessings