Saturday, May 2, 2015


Another Saturday market day !  Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a Saturday morning to do something else for a change, but then I can't think of anything I would do !
Market wasn't as busy as I had hoped today. There was too many other things going on around town on this beautiful day.  I am thankful for the business I did have.
After market I went by one of the "other" things in town. On the brick depot street they were having a spring craft show so I checked it out on my way home.
There weren't many folks shopping here either. I wondered how much these sellers had payed to be in this show today and if they had made their money back ? I used to do some of these shows and it was hard to make the booth rent fee plus a profit on your merchandise.
There was a lot of different, interesting things to look at here. A couple different booths had some beautiful wooden items.
There was jewelery and art . In this pic the old landmark brick street shows up well.
Ever wondered what to do with those wine bottle corks and even the bottle ????
But this was my favorite wreath of all. I was very tempted by this one but I successfully resisted with only this picture.
These little pine cone mice were really cute.
This old red caboose was open for viewing and curiosity got the best of me.
I'm glad I went in because I had no idea this car was equipped with a commode and sink and an old pot bellied wood stove for warmth.

This almost looked like it might have been a private car for some one.
With no doors and no places to hang doors I wondered how private a bathroom trip would have been on this train ???
Enough fun time for today, it was back across the tracks to my van and on the way to Aldi to pick up baking supplies.
At home hubbie was just getting a tire changed on the lawn mower and starting the grass mowing when I got here.
After we got unloaded he mowed and I relaxed for a little while with my 4-legged kids out in the sunroom. It is still a bit cool outside today at only upper 60's and breezy. I felt sorry for some of the vendors at the craft sale as their booth displays kept blowing down and they were constantly chasing things that were blowing around.
After chores g-son came to stay with us while his aunt T did her chaperoning stint at the prom this year.
This is her in the black dress with her assistant coach on the left and one of their basketball players.
Hubbie and I had a relaxing Saturday night doing absolutely nothing ,ahhhhhhhhh!!!
Loving life, God and family and so thankful for all the undeserved blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.

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