Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Early wake up alarm on this Wednesday morning so we can head south to the Pickens Flea market. The weather is cooler today up here and down there so we decided this would be our late spring trip day.
This is today's group,Re, daughter, hubbie , baby BB, and little EL.
The girls have already spotted a bargain !!!
 This is the newest flea marketer and he was good as gold today even in the heat heat that reached the mid 80's long before noon.
Sister loves him and she was very well behaved today also.

We shopped till the market was empty, I totally forgot to get a pic of our booty for today but we got lots of baby and kids clothes , watermelons, flavorings, Re got a huge old window to decorate her new house and lots of other small misc. Not one of our biggest hauls but enough for sure !!
We made it home with no traffic troubles like we had on the way down as the first thing we had to do this morning was detour around an apparent accident on hwy 64 that had both lanes of traffic at a stand still.
After we got things unloaded daughter left to go home and d-in-love came up to go with Re and I out to the childrens sale again today to see what else had come in today. Hubbie stayed home with g-son and little EL and we took a sleeping baby BB with us. I helped sis-in-law Sandy put a little bed together while the girls shopped.
We all found several more things to add to our piles , I will go after all the stuff tomorrow with the help of hubbie and his truck after he gets off work.
When we got home Hubbie and I headed for the garden and Re and the kids went home to get ready for bed.
More watering for me as all the plants we set out Monday are desperate for a drink. I also watered all the flowers I sat out in pots around the house.
It was almost dark by the time I got all this done. 
We took a break and watched the last part of Survivor on TV . Next week is the last episode and I am glad as darkness doesn't come now until the show is almost over and that is usually when my day outside ends these days.
After the show was over I put 2 pound cakes in the oven to bake while I figured the weekly paperwork and paid bills.
I am writing this blog post while waiting for customers on Thursday at market.
The second setting Silkie has hatched    chicks so she is happily clucking along today.

The first 2 chicks that hatched this season are growing like weeds under the watchful eye of their mama Silkie.

Spring brings lots of new  births, some cute, some not so cute like this little baby Black Snake I came eye to eye with while I watered my hanging baskets as he clung to the bricks on the side of the house.

 Hubbie was summoned with gloves to relocate him deeper into the woods away from the house and the hen houses.  We like to keep these guys on patrol around the farm as they keep the poisonous Copperheads and Rattlesnakes, that these mountains are known for, at bay on the farm.

A tired old woman is more than ready for bed tonight as I soak in a hot tub to hopefully lesson my soreness of all the walking I did today.
Thankful for the wonderful strength He gives me each and every day and for the mercies of safe travel today along with the blessings all along the way.
Good Night and God Bless

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