Wednesday, May 20, 2015


An early rise again and no breakfast as I hurried through chores and headed over to Asheville to my doctor to have blood drawn for my annual check-up next week.
The nurse that took my blood this time was excellent, I only felt a small prick and there is no bruising or soreness.  I was in and out of there in 5 minutes.
The new Public's grocery store that recently opened was on my way home so I had to check it out.  It is a really nice store, the prices I thought were not any cheaper than Ingles but I did find some things on sale that I bought.
As I travel home on the beautiful country road across Terry's Gap I marveled at how green the mountains are this time of year.

The "Gap"  ......
I like to come through here in the fall when all the leaves have their fall colors but this time of year there is beauty in the color "green".
This old spring always reminds me of my childhood trips to Asheville and all the stops we made here to get a drink of the cool mountain water that flows of the top of this mountain of rocks.
Today I would be afraid to drink from this spring, sadly.
The construction on the small bridge above my house on the same road is looking like it will soon be complete. It will be nice to be able to travel our entire road without detours or construction equipment being in the way as it has been almost a year and half since bridge construction began on the big bridge at our house.
 I made it home around 11:00 and had an early lunch before starting my baking. I baked 12 caramel, 2 chocolate and 4 pound cakes then took a break out in the warm sunshine.
The temperature is 82 this afternoon but there is a breeze that makes it feel very comfortable out here. Comfortable enough for a short nap !  When I woke in less than 30 minutes with the barking of the dogs at a squirrel who had wondered too close for them, the sky was completely clouded over.
I went inside to wait hopefully on a rain shower with the clouds but no rain was sent our way today. The shop hubbie works out of in the Upward community got a short rain shower he said but it went south of our area. This is a sign of how dry it is here as the water level in our farm pond keeps getting lower each day.

With the arrival of the clouds the evening cooled off considerably.
After a supper of a couple grilled steaks I bought this morning with an ear of left over corn from Sunday we did chores.
I did weekly paperwork then iced cakes while I watched the finale of Survivor on the kitchen TV. Since it was 3 hours long tonight there was no sitting down for a rest while it was on. It ended well and fortunately the man who deserved to win the million dollars won.
Now I don't have any TV shows to occupy any of my time.
I have 6 full racks of cakes for tomorrow, I am hoping this weekend's Garden Jubilee will bring more folks into the market. 
Re came up and brought a couple cakes she made. One is an order for a friend's small son who is Gluten free. Since Re is gluten free she makes his cakes and he loves my caramel icing so I make extra icing for his cake.
I am very thankful tonight for the health God blesses me with each day and try to never take a moment for granted as I age.
God Bless and Good Night.

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Linda E said...

The green is so pretty, and it is amazing the shades of green there are. I love the mountains and enjoyed your pictures. Hope tomorrow is a good day for the sale of your cakes. I know you are thankful that bridge/road is getting done soon. Goodnight and God bless.