Monday, May 4, 2015


Up a little earlier today with a planned trip on tap for today. After chores and breakfast hubbie and I headed down the mountain to Hickory, NC to the Everette GM dealership. They have all of the vehicles I have been trying to decide between and they also have the lowest price on one of them.
We went down I-40 and got there in just over and hour and a half with the help of "surry" once we got closer. I got a map from the internet last night but it looked like it was the really long way around. And true to what I thought "surry" took us right straight to the dealership without the loop.
I drove both Acadia models and the Enclave one right behind the other to see how different they drove and felt. There was no noticeable difference so I tried to deal on the lowest priced one and we got within a couple thousand dollars of making a deal and I left without the new Acadia.  I'll wait for the end of the year sales and probably get it even cheaper than I was offering to pay today, we'll see.
After stopping at a Subway for lunch hubbie and I decided to take the more scenic hwy 64 route back home.  We used to drive this road a lot when the kids were younger and had ball games in Morganton alot.
The scenery hasn't changed much at all in the last 15 or so years. The curvy road is not a popular route so there was little traffic on it but it is a pretty drive through some of the rural-est country left around our part of North Carolina.
We had been wanting to check out the old bridge over Lake Lure that the town had preserved and made into a flower garden, the old bridge built in 1925 has quite a history,I'm glad they decided to preserve it this beautiful way.

 Plenty of peaceful places to sit and ponder awhile !!

This is the end of the old road running into the bridge.
This is the new bridge built beside this old one.
This is the view of Chimney Rock from here. The chimney doesn't stand out from  the mountain from this view.
We were glad we came to see this project after reading about it in Our State magazine.
After we got home we spent the evening working in the garden. We needed to get the tomato and pepper plants planted that we bought over a month ago at the Pickens flea market. They are getting so big they are hard to keep enough water on.
I planted and watered all of them while Hubbie hilled the potatoes.

We also got our first vegetables out of the garden for tonight's supper after we worked hard to get the entire garden tilled. Greens, Radishes and onions, yum yum !!!
We had a late supper as we didn't realize it was almost 7:00 when we came inside but that just made the food taste even better !!!!
After a nice rest out in the covered patio we both relaxed inside to finish out this Monday.
Thankful for safe travel today for hubbie and I and for God's beauty in all that we saw.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

I always enjoy seeing new ideas and places but not very far away.

linda m said...

That old bridge looks so pretty. Glad they decided to turn it into a garden. Can't believe you are getting veggies out of your garden already. Blessings