Saturday, May 16, 2015


As I was getting ready for market this morning I got a call from daughter.
She had taken her baked goods in early as she was taking her boyfriend Josh zip lining for his 35th birthday.
She said when she got there our market  neighbor Steve, who is a bee keeper, had a box of new bees in his truck that had turned over just as she was unloading her baked goods from her car which was parked beside his truck. She got Honey Bees all in her hair but luckily with the help of some other market members got them all out before she got stung. Not so good for Steve as he got stung 30 or 40 times all about the head and and face.
He left headed for the emergency room.  Daughter left before I got to market but Lynn , Steve's wife was here when I got here and said she was going to the hospital to be with him. There were still many mad Honey Bees flying around the parking lot looking for more victims but thankfully no one else got stung.
I watched their table along with mine. Market was not that busy today so I had no trouble doing that. Hubbie helped until he left to go to his uncle Earl's funeral at 11:00.
I got concerned when Lynn didn't come back as she had said she was going to by noon and called her. She said they were just leaving he hospital and that he was okay but they warned him of getting stung so much and so often as the poison evidently builds up in your system and can become deadly.
 Hubbie called and said the funeral was nice and short.

 I love this verse that is on the back of the remembrance, it definitely reminds me of Earl.
He was glad he went to the funeral as only four members of Earl's wife's family were there, hubbie, his aunt Betty and her daughter, Brandy and another cousin Tony who lives closest to Earl.
After the funeral he went to Sam's club for our weekly supplies then went home to mow the lawn.
I had a decent day at market and then went to Aldi and the farm outlet for baking supplies and tomorrow's lunch plus a gallon of fresh strawberries. These are tasting better now than the earlier berries did.
Hubbie was just finishing the mowing when I came home. He didn't need to mow all of the lawn because with the dry weather parts of it have not grown since last week.
I had a cup of green tea and relaxed for a few minutes out in the sunroom.
Re has to work tonight so she brought the kids over to stay until Aa got finished working.
Little EL was in a really playful mood today and baby BB refused to take a bottle but calmed down and went to sleep when he got home with his dad.
I checked in on the new mama Silkie tonight and she has 4 little chicks following her around.
New life on the farm, I love it !!
Hubbie and I had a restful evening.
Here are some pics from daughter of their "zip lining" adventure this morning.

Thanking God for the grace He shows me each day and still praying for the Williams family in their loss.
Good Night and God Bless.


Linda E said...

Really glad you didnt get stung...painful for sure. I love the verse too. Have a good Sunday.

Betsy Adams said...

Oh My----sorry about the bee keeper getting stung so much. Glad your daughter didn't get stung.. YIPES....

Sorry about the death of hubby's uncle. But---I know he is glad that he attended the funeral.

Sounds like your life is going great and that you are staying as busy as possible.

We are fine---and we too seem to stay extremely busy.