Thursday, May 28, 2015


A 6:00 wake-up call from Dolly brought me out of a deep slumber this morning only to discover a really painful stomach ache.
I was afraid it was the beginning of one of my stomach attacks as the pain was high up between my rib cage. I didn't have the sick feeling that accompanies it usually so I laid back down on my back and was very still trying to go back to sleep. Sleep escaped me but at least the pain subsided and I felt okay when the 8am alarm sounded. I sighed a relieved sigh as I got dressed and met the day pain free.
Re came over to bring some ivy scrub for my to return to Walmart and she said her and Aa had minor upset stomachs and yesterday d-in-love said g-son had a stomach ache so we all may have a minor stomach bug.
I was careful what I ate all day today, trying not to aggravate what felt like a tender stomach.
I had a pretty good market day considering it is the week after a holiday weekend.
One lady called me on the way in and ordered 7 cakes so that made my day.
After I left market I made stops at the bank, the PO, Aldi and Walmart to pick up baking supplies for tomorrow. I hurried through the stops trying to beat the rain that the dark clouds and streaking lightening were bringing.
When I reached home it had already rained here just a little, less than 1/10th in the gauge.
After I got things unloaded I enjoyed a break in the sunroom and watched the light rain fall outside the windows. I wanted to take a nap but resisted as I knew that would not be good for tonight's sleep.
We did chores and had supper, then we relaxed for the evening.
I need to get some decade pictures on here so these are from May of 2005.
We attended a wedding of one of hubbie's cousins that month.
Two daughter's of friends graduated from North Henderson high school.

One of hubbie's cousin's graduated from West Henderson high school.

And one of my cousin's graduated from the college that May.

We also made a week long trip to the beach that year in May. We rented this house in Surf City, NC.
Megan Poindexter who was daughter's college roommate and friend lives in Greensboro and came down to spend the week with us.
D-in-love fishing on the pier.
#1 and #2 son get their fishing equipment ready.
Hubbie and #1 son surf fishing.
Me and Megan sunbathing on the deck of our house.
Night time pier fishing.
#1 son and the big shark he caught.
Roxie, d-in-love's dog and my Dolly in their younger years.

Fun times at the beach and some great memories for all.
I am tired tonight after my early morning wake up so I'm out 'a here !!
Grateful for the blessed day I've had and looking forward to tomorrow to see what God's plans are for me.
Good Night and God Bless

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Linda E said...

Sure hope your stomach settled and everyone feels better. That old bug is nasty for sure. It was fun seeing the pictures from the past. Great memories for all of you.