Monday, June 1, 2015


Ahhhh !!!!  A Monday morning with nothing pressing early today.
After chores and breakfast hubbie needed to go shopping for some summer work shoes. We went over to the show outlet on hwy191, he didn't find anything but I was lucky in the BOGO section and came out with 2 pairs of summer sandals for me !!
We left there and stopped by GB Shoes , hubbie still didn't find any shoes but he did get a shirt for 75% off and I found a skirt and a sweater for 75% also. We spent a total of $14 in there.
Back home in the partly cloudy day hubbie went to Lowes for some straw to put around some of our tomatoes and I got weekly laundry started.
Between 4 loads of laundry I helped in the garden and moved some chicks around. I put the 2 earliest hatched chicks and their mom into the Silkie lot.
This is our June 1st garden .

My Okra finally came up, I guess the soil warmed up enough for it to germinate.
With the recent rains we have had everything is greening back up and looks so pretty.

I did some small tasks that I have been putting off this evening and then sat out in the covered patio and watched the sun set. This has been the way the sky has looked pretty much all day with dark clouds passing quickly as if there is a strong wind aloft.
More pretty green as I relax and wait for the end of the first day of June 2015.
#1 son and g-son were having a game of catch on this nice evening.
Just as darkness fell the neighbor brought Sadie the dog home from his pasture across the road. She took off again and we searched for her but couldn't find her.  She is death so there was no sense in calling her, hubbie road up the road but came home empty handed. She finally showed up in her rocker on the front porch as the rain began to pour down. From now on she will need to be put up at night.
After the clouds flirted with the sun all day the rains poured down tonight and lightening and thunder got pretty close around 11:00, enough to make me shut off the computer and head for bed.
This line of storms has dropped as much as 4 inches of rain in some of the far western counties of our state. Hopefully we won't get that much but is rainy really hard out there !!
Looks like June is going to come in with cooler temperatures and plenty of rain for us.
Thankful for a wonderful blessed first day of a new month.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

It looks so pretty around your house. Seems like your hubbie has a s much trouble finding shoes as I do. Glad Sadie made it home safely. We had a lot of rain over the weekend and now are having cooler temps and low humidity which I am loving. Blessings