Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Up earlier than usual as g-son arrived at 7:30 again today.  After getting him his favorite breakfast , waffles and syrup with chocolate milk I headed out to do the chores early to beat the heat that is already building on this really muggy morning. It was still sprinkling rain when I went to bed last night but there is only a trace in the gauge this morning.
After having my breakfast I helped g-son set up the lap top to play some games on in the cool house. He went outside a couple times but didn't stay very long.
I did some house cleaning and then fixed us some lunch. He had Romain Noodles and I had a fresh salad from the garden.
His mom came to pick him up after lunch as she is having to work tomorrow also to get her hours in this week. She starts her regular summer hours and that means it will be an even earlier morning for he and I tomorrow.
I finished my house cleaning and then sat outside for as long as I could stand the 90 degree heat of the afternoon.
It almost made me sick it was so hot and sticky. I came inside and cooled off with some frozen fruit and then took a break on the couch to the delight of my 4-legged kids.
Hubbie gets off 30 minutes earlier in the summer months so he had time for a nap in the recliner before chore time.
The skies clouded up and thunder could be heard in the distance for the second evening in a row. But except for a very light shower we didn't get any rain today. Unfortunately for some of our close neighbors there was hail and lightening strikes accompanying these storms today.

As I did the chores this evening I heard peeping sounds coming from the latest setting Silkie and as I looked in I found 2 little new chicks peeping at me from under mom's protective feathers.
There may have been more under there but she was in no mood to have me look !!!

The 4 chicks that hatched last month are growing nicely and are almost ready to be without mom.

The  first hatch of the season only produced these 2 pullets but they are already adapting to life out in the silkie lot.
Strangely this Blue Orpington hen has been setting for a long time. When she first started I figured there would be no use to put eggs under her as last year she left the eggs a week early and they all had to be thrown away. This year she has surely sat long enough , but oh well , too late now !!
This hot weather is not good for the hens and the egg production drops drastically just as it does when it gets really cold.
By this 7 day forecast it looks like the heat is here to stay for a while and then the "real" summer season begins on Sunday.
The second named tropical storm of the season, Bill, came ashore in Texas today. It wasn't a strong storm but the added amount of rain in areas that are already saturated from previous heavy rain fall is going to be very damaging.
Looks like we might even get some rain from this storm if it holds together long enough.

Thankful for a blessed day and praying for all the folks in the path of this storm.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

I don't mind the heat but it is the humidity that always gets me. It just zaps all my strength. we are finally getting a break from our rain so I'd better quick mow the lawn today. You new little chicks look so cute. Blessings