Wednesday, June 17, 2015


G-son arrived at 7am today to get an early start to the day.  While he had his breakfast I did chores and enjoyed the fresh early morning air.
I had breakfast then got g-son ready to go to story time at the public library with Re and the kids. They are meeting some other friends from church and their kids there. There is one other older boy so he and g-son checked out I-pads to play games on while the little ones went to story time.
At 11am I picked up Nick, the son of my friend Claudia, who was at basketball camp at the high school. Claudia needed a little help this week with him today.  After this week she is off until August to be with her 2 kidos.
He and I came home to wait for everyone else to get back from the library.
Daughter joined them at our house and her and Re loaded up all 4 kids and headed for the pool at the subdivision #2 son still owns a lot in. He pays high yearly upkeep dues so at least they get some use of the pool for his money !!
That left me alone with my cake baking for the day. I baked 12 caramel, 2 chocolate, 6 pounds and 1 blackberry wine cake.
I was just taking the last ones out of the ovens when all the kids got back from the pool.  They were all tired and the boys of course were hungry. After getting them settled with food in front of  them everyone else left.
These two have been great friends since birth, actually. Nick was born in September and g-son in October so with just a month difference in age and their mom's very good friends they are like brothers. Which is good and bad sometimes !!!!  Today it was all good, thanks boys !!!

They didn't want to go outside in the 90 degree heat and I don't blame them so while they entertained themselves with various activities I did weekly paperwork and paid bills.
  After looking back over the first five months figures from market I came up with a depressing realization.  I have worked my tail off and at the end of May was only averaging just over $100 a week. That is depressing when I think of all the hours I have chained myself to the ovens.  The first part of every year is always slow and in February of this year I actually came up in the "red" for the first time I can remember in years past.  It's picking up now with all my summer camp business so hopefully this figure will grow significantly as the summer months pass.
After both boys were picked up the folks from Burnsville arrived to buy my van.  We went over to the neighbors who is a Notary and got the title all fixed up for them. It was kind of sad to see it go but it was also good to see it go , now I don't have to worry about driving it and keeping up 2 vehicles.
Funny thing, when g-son came in this morning he asked if I would keep it for him to drive when he got 16 !!  He said he loved that van !!  I told him he would not want to drive a mini van when he got 16 !!!!
I spent the remainder of the evening icing cakes and getting things ready for market.
This evening we heard thunder and the skies clouded up but the storms went around us again with only a short sprinkle of huge rain drops.
Thanking God as I finish out this blessed day for all his graciousness and love .
Good Night and God Bless

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