Sunday, June 21, 2015


Father's day 2015 started off lovely as the sun came up outside our bedroom windows over a beautiful Sunday morning.
Church was good from 1st and 2nd Timothy and we honored all the dads with red carnations from their kids.
Lunch was great, we had ham, corn, green beans, creamed peas and potatoes, wilted lettuce, biscuits and gravy with peanut butter pie that Re made for dessert.  It was all super delicious !!
After everyone left hubbie and I went over to daughter's to let Tipper and Josh's dog, Zoey, out for a run. Daughter and Josh are in Atlanta at the Braves game today. Daughter won tickets in a raffle earlier this spring so they were using them, they had asked hubbie if he wanted to go for father's day but he said it would be too hot for him.  They had very good 3rd row seats but they said it was very very hot.

At daughter's house the lilies are all blooming beautifully around her front walkway and her raised bed garden looks like it is doing very well.

As we played out in her back yard with the dogs we could hear thunder in the distance and as we drove home the storm clouds grew very mean looking.

Just as we arrived home the rain and wind started here. I ran to close the sunroom windows  while hubbie put the dogs up before the storm really got bad.  Thankfully the worst of the storm went to the north of our area, we got 1/4 inch of rain and wind with lightening and thunder but no hail or damaging winds.
This is the first day of summer 2015 and it came in exactly like a summer day with hot sunshine for most of the day and an evening thunder storm.  The prediction maps at least for the next few days definitely look like a summer forecast.

As this Father's day comes to an end I spent some time this evening reflecting on my father's life. He was a farmer and a very devoted father and mentor to my brothers and I. On July 8,1981 he left this world to move into that mansion in Heaven that God had prepared for him. I miss my daddy every day and think about him all the time. I wonder what he would have to say about the way things are now and hope that he would approve of the way I have raised my family. He died 3 months before he could have met his first grandchild. It is fitting that I see alot of my dad in my #1 son who was born in October 1981.  R.I.P. daddy, I miss and love you now just as much as my smiling face showed I loved you in this photo of us years ago.
Also Happy Father's day to the other man in my life who is the wonderful father to our three great kids. He has been a very devoted father and mentor to them through the years and still is every day.
Hubbie Father's Day hubbie !!!
A wonderful thought to end this wonderful day.

Good Night, God Bless and Happy Father's Day.

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linda m said...

A belated Happy Father's Day to your Hubby and to #1 son. My father also passed away, back in 2003 and is in Heaven with Jesus. Funny, how no matter how long they are gone you still miss them. Blessings