Thursday, June 4, 2015

BIRDS !!!!

Another 7:30 wake up call this time from daughter who was outside with her baked goods. Dolly and Bernie acted relieved that they weren't the culprits today !!
No laying back down this morning with a light rain falling during chores and loading for market.
Market was slow again today but there was some excitement as this little guy must have found an open door.
We thought it would fly back out but after several hours and turning off all the lights helping him see the lighted doorways he was still flitting from craft to heater to live plants inside market with no inclination to head back outside.

Several of the market vendors rigged up a net but couldn't reach high enough to catch him.
We left a couple higher windows open when we closed market in hopes that he will find his way back outside. One of the board members was coming by later today to close the windows.
While we were dealing with our bird problem at market got a text from d-in-love saying she found this guy in the school yard this morning.
Seems this beautiful Cockateil was either abandoned or lost as she said it was very friendly and acted like it really loved people. One of the teachers had this large cage and he got a lot of attention today in the office of the school.
As of this evening no one had claimed the bird.  Me thinks the elementary school may have a new mascot !!! D-in-love is an animal lover so she won't mind caring for him I'm sure.
After market I ran errands and picked up baking supplies and groceries on my way home.
A lady was supposed to come look at my van today but canceled so I'm glad I didn't hurry home.
I got everything unloaded and put away before hubbie came in from work.  We watched the news then went to work in the garden for a bit. We put newspapers down in one of the rows to see if they will stay there or blow away. We tried this years ago and for some reason it didn't work out well but neither of us can remember what happened.
The light rain returned this evening but didn't amount to much at all today.
Hubbie and I sat on the front porch in our rocking chairs and enjoyed the rain fragrance and quietness of the evening.
So grateful for the blessings of this day and of the never ending love of my Savior Jesus Christ.
Good Night and God Bless


linda m said...

When I was still working we would gets birds in side when we left the dock door open. Seems birds will fly in but refuse to fly down to get out. Leaving a window one that is high up should help. As for the Cockateil; I work at the local animal shelter and we occasionally get them in there. Seems some people will just let them go outside or they sometimes do escape outside. However, if it escaped you would think the owners would be looking for it. Check with your animal shelter to see if anyone reported a lost bird. Have a great weekend.

Linda E said...

Sounds like the visiting bird was happy with being indoors! The cockateil is so pretty and the kids will love it if he stays. I used newspaper back when I was still gardening. Put it down first and mulch over, and it really helped with the weeds. Happy Friday.