Sunday, June 14, 2015


Whew gonna be a hot one today, this was the temp when I got in the Honda to drive to church around 10:15 this morning.

Well I was supposed to be a "greeter" today at church but this "lady" beat me to it !!!
  This scene plus this welcome looking corner are all part of the campaign to remind everyone of our up coming homecoming ceremony in October.
Service was good today, we gained 2 more new members during invitation, one by letter, one for Baptism, Glory to God !!
Today we are going out to lunch for Hubbie's upcoming birthday.  The kids all took us to the new Sierra Nevada Brewery dining room. This is a very very nice place.   We are missing Aa's family who had already left to get the kids home when we had this pic made.
This is the entire lunch group as we had our lunch. Baby BB was sleeping in his car seat.

The food was very good, we all got to try some new things and everyone enjoyed it even the kids were perfectly behaved the entire time, even the 45 minute wait for a table. The kids presented hubbie with this precious gift for his 60th birthday which is tomorrow.

Hubbie and I dropped daughter and Josh off at their cars and then ran the honda thru a car wash to get some sap and pollen off the hood on our way home.
We came home to spend a relaxing afternoon.
I have had my van advertised for a couple weeks and have only received a couple calls. This afternoon I got a call from a man who lived in Burnsville,NC. , he wanted to bring his wife to look at it later this evening.
We met them out at Ingles and they loved the van. It will be perfect for them as they have a little girl about 2 years old, They were a very sweet couple and we could tell they were a hard working couple.
I had the price set at $6000 , they offered $5200 and I took it, thinking my van is getting a really great home !!!  They will be back to pick it up on Wednesday and do the paperwork.
I know how daughter felt the day she sold her jeep as she said it was like loosing an old friend. However I definitely don't need 2 vehicles.
Hubbie and I finished the day sitting out in the covered patio watching the sun set on a summer like day.
This is just the start of the higher temps that are coming this week to our area.

Each year we celebrate the birthday of "Old Glory" our beloved red, white and blue flag on this day. This year it has been 238 years since the design was first discussed and Betsy Ross began her work.
 May she wave for 238 more years as a bold symbol of this country's freedom.
 Thankful for the special folks God put in my life. Also still praying for the Justice family.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby with many more to follow. Glad you finally sold your van and got a fair price for it.. God bless the USA and God bless you and your family.

Gail said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift.