Monday, June 8, 2015


As  I got up this morning hubbie was already up and getting ready to go for a haircut.  He gets up so early on work days it is hard for him to sleep late when he can.
I did the chores and had breakfast while he was gone to the barbershop.
The sun is shining this morning and the temperature is already in the mid 70's with high humidity.
I got laundry started then went outside to pull weeds from all my flower beds and clean up some in the covered patio. There is a little rubber maid cabinet out there that keeps falling apart so I emptied it out and took it to the barn.
I moved things around to make more room for the kids to play in there.
Hubbie ran the weed eater all morning. We took a lunch break and had some of yesterday's left overs.
After we ate we worked in the garden, weeding and hoeing. The chickens are always happy on these days !!
I replanted some squash that didn't come up from the first planting.
While we were in the garden the sun vanished behind dark clouds and rumbling thunder could be heard in the distance.
We both came inside for a much needed break anyway.  Hubbie pulled his back trying to yank up a huge weed and got out the heating pad.
I made a hot cup of green tea and headed for my comfortable seat out in the sunroom to watch the storm with my 4-legged kids huddled beside me.
The storms skirted us to the north this afternoon leaving us with only about 4/10ths inch of rain.
Daughter came by after school for a baby picture for a game they are planning at project graduation this Friday. She is praying for nice weather on Friday for all the county school's graduation ceremonies.
As we watched the news at 6:00 and looked at the radar we headed out to get the chores done early as more storms were lining up coming our way.
After chores and supper I went through my photos for June decade pics while finishing the three loads of weekly laundry for the day.
The earliest pics of anything for June ---5 were these pics from June 1975.
Remember when I talk about the old red climbing rose that hubbie and I moved from the trailer we first lived in to our house. Well I found this picture of that rose in full bloom the year after I planted it.
This is a picture of my then 4-legged friend, a poodle named Jacque, that I had adopted after his owner died.
He was really a great dog and started my love of the poodle breed. They are one person dogs but they are very loyal.
As I write this tonight at 10:00 I can hear the warnings on the TV channel and hear the distant thunder getting closer.
We are under a flash flood watch for a line of thunder storms that are dropping tremendous amounts of rain as they pass.
Looks like we are in for a soggy week as a front slowly pushes through the area and stalls leaving the atmosphere unstable.
Good thing we got the gardening done today !!!
Grateful to God for a blessing filled day and for the grace He gives each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Linda E said...

We had that storm this morning, with lots of lightning, thunder and heavy rain. It has stopped for now, but more on the way. Hope your Tuesday is what you need it to be.

linda m said...

I'll bet your garden was happy to get some rain. We had rain and some heavy winds last night. Sounds like you had a very busy day yesterday - productive also. Isn't it amazing how some weeds just refuse to be pulled. Hope you hubby's back recovers quickly. Blessings