Monday, June 15, 2015


This first day of summer vacation for the school kids has been filled with the enjoyment of  the "good ole summer time".
G-son was here early at 7:30.  His mom only works 2 days a week during the summer so he will be coming here every Monday and Tuesday and some other days when she has things to do.
He was glad to relax for the beginning of the summer months . He came in wishing his Pawpaw a happy birthday so he would be the first one to tell him that today, on his birthday !!!
Re worked last night so she brought the kids over so she could sleep today.  Hubbie was here today so we tag teamed them until he went out after lunch to bush hog the pastures.
It was a pizza lunch which made everyone happy.
I think these two guys are going to be great friends when BB gets a little older.

BB was glad to have g-son give him one of his bottles. G-son said he needed to practice for his little sister's arrival.
EL has become the new "Lego Queen" !!  I used to call g-son the "Lego King" when he was so interested in these little building blocks.

She loves looking at things through colored glasses , haha !!
While the two little ones napped this afternoon g-son enjoyed the warm day eating freeze pops on the porch and playing outside in the swing.
This is the cutest picture of the day I wish it was clearer.  She loves him so much !!!   It is going to be a good summer !!!!
D-in-love picked up g-son while EL was still sleeping so she didn't have to see him leave. Re waited for her to wake up then picked them up and headed home to fix supper .  Hubbie finished bush hogging and I did the chores and had some fresh lettuce, spinach,beets,onions and peas in a salad for supper. Funny I thought I would be worn out tonight with all three of the kids here at once but I am not tired at all. They are all such good kids they are not hard to care for at all. Each one was very patient with me today and waited their turn for my services.
Talked to daughter today who spent her last day of this school year at school today. She has some off campus things to do tomorrow then her summer off officially starts, woo hoo !!
As I relaxed on the porch after supper I saw rain coming across the mountain in the distance. I watched the sun quickly disappear and the rain poured down for about 30 minutes before slacking to a sprinkle. Thunder and lightening were in the distance so we were prayerfully lucky we didn't get a direct hit from this storm. We got almost 7/10ths inch of rain which we did need and it quickly cooled off the 89 degree day.
Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY  HUBBIE,  welcome to the 60's  !!! Haha !! 

Thankful for a very blessed day with all these "littles" , love them all and thank God for them every day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby. What a great day you had. They really seem like such nice children. Blessings