Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Another cloudy morning turning into a sunshiny day hopefully. There was such a heavy dew this morning it made me wonder if it had rained overnight but there was nothing in the gauge and the steps and ground weren't wet.
After chores and breakfast baby BB came to sleep here while his mom and sister went to the library storytime and to the dentist for check-ups.
I baked while he slept, 18 caramel, 4 chocolate, 8 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake. When he woke up after only a short nap he sat in a seat in the kitchen and watched me. He is such a good baby and always smiling. His favorite plaything of the morning was one of my plastic egg cartons !
After mom came after him I finished the baking and headed outside to soak up some vitamin D before the clouds moved in.
When the clouds took over I went inside to rest up for what I know will be a late night of cake icing.
My Green River Preserve camp baking season started last Saturday with 4 cakes and tomorrow they pick up 9 caramel. As June got under way with Old Timey Day and that was very close to a sell-out day I have to replenish my things plus I have a couple more 2 cake orders for tomorrow to get me geared up for a busy time.
The sky is  clearing  this evening and it is pretty although not as colorful as yesterday.

After a short break it was back in the kitchen and hard at work until after midnight, whew !!!!!
I am writing this as usual on a slow market Thursday . 
A good time to continue decade series pics with the June 1985 fun. Hubbie and I both worked full time jobs in that year and when the week end rolled around we were always ready for a break somewhere. We had a boat and spent many week ends camping on lake Hartwell. The army corps of engineers had a campground called Springfield that had a nice playground and the kids loved it.
Me with #1 son....
 #2 son rides his hot wheels into the lake.
 Me with daughter....
 #1 and #1 on the playground slide.
#2 son sharing his toys with his baby sister ???
 Boys enjoying watermelon.
The lake water level was very low that year due to drought and there was a lot of red mud.

We also made a trip to Myrtle Beach that year in June.
Daughter in a shady spot...
#2 son on the sandy beach.
 All the "boys" in the surf...
The boys at the amusement park..

Me with all three kids on a ride.
#1 son loved the water....
 The family minus me !!
 Life was truly filled with blessings back then and has been everyday since and I am so grateful to God for my life as I go forward each day striving to honor His name.
Good Night and God Bless.

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