Saturday, June 6, 2015


Hubbie set his clock for 6am today so he could get me loaded and then he could get to market to help get the cooking started for Old Timey Day at market.  I got up just as he was leaving before 7am to get chores done and get to market early enough to get a close parking spot on this busy day.
Hubbie was already busily cooking and keeping the stoves all stoked with wood by the time I arrived a little after 8am.
That's him turning the ham in the pan on the stove.

These guys provided the music all day and lots of folks just sat under the tents and enjoyed the music.

The 4-H came out and sat up a display and brought some animals for a petting zoo.
Re brought the kids out to see the animals and they loved it. Especially EL she had to pet everything there multiple times !!

She had to show daughter all her new friends.
I think both El and BB liked  this baby calf the best !!
The calf liked EL also as it wanted followed her around.

I was decked out in my "old timey day" outfit as usual on this day. I exchanged my normal bonnet for this straw hat and it kept my head cooler in the mid 80's temps of the afternoon.
Daughter helped with sales at out table and we had a good day with all the folks who came through.
I left market and made a couple baking supply stops on my way home plus a stop at the farm outlet for fresh vegetables for tomorrow's lunch.
Hubbie and I were both pooped this evening and spent a lazy time out in the outside patio watching it rain in the pasture below and not up on the hill at the house ???
Producing another partial double rainbow to end this day.
Daughter went with bf Josh to a dinner to thank the donors to the girls and boys club where he works. They look very good all dressed up.
G-son was promoted from a Wolf  to a Bear at a year ending Cub Scout ceremony this evening.
This has been a really nice day for all my family and friends.
Thankful for the sales I had today and for all the workers who pitched in to help at market.
Looking forward to worshiping our Lord and Savior tomorrow at church with my bothers and sisters in Christ.
Good Night and God bless.

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Linda E said...

Happy that you had a good day yesterday. The rainbow always makes me stop and give thanks. Enjoyed the pictures. God bless.