Sunday, June 28, 2015


Oh Yesssssss !!!!   The cool temps have arrived this morning. I went outside to do the chores in my regular Sunday morning attire (my PJ's) and shivered in the cool breeze of the 57 degrees.
All the animals acted so much more energetic today.
I headed to church early to get flowers set up for the communion table and then I was a greeter this morning.
The sermon was from 1st Timothy again,this one about Godly leadership. Which our country is very lacking in right now !!
He finished up talking about the Supreme Court decision that came down Friday forcing all 50 states to allow gay marriage. This is a blow to the founding fathers of our country who based the laws on God. We passed an amendment this morning to our church by-laws protecting any minister of our church from being forced to preform a gay marriage, which the Bible says is a sin.
These five Justices voted for the amendment as it squeaked by on a 5-4 vote.
In other news of this month as it comes to an end is the 6 shark attacks off the coast of North Carolina.

The first one was at Ocean Isle, then 2 at Oak Island, 1 at Surf City, then this week there was 1 off the beach at Avon and yesterday's attack occured at Rodanthe. Two of the victims lost arms and the rest were bitten badly.  All the attacks were in waist deep or less water close to shore.
There is no real explanation for all these attacks this year. Some scientist say it is because this is the turtle hatching season that is bringing the sharks close to shore and others say it is just because there are more swimmers in the water than ever before. It is scary to think what is lurking below the oceans surface !!!
Another sad day for this month was when this young man attended a Wednesday night Bible study at an historic black church in Charleston SC, then pulled out a gun and killed nine  members of the church in a racial bout of fury.
The family members of these nine victims faced this killer with forgiving hearts to keep any revenge minded attacks from happening.
They displayed an amazing, strong Christian faith in all they have said and done since the attack. Thank God for strong Christian folks, this country needs to take note of these God loving folks.

After a lunch of roast beef, green beans, corn on the cob, new potatoes, fried cabbage, rolls and sweet tea with fruit and a peach pie/cake for dessert everyone headed off on their own activities for today.
The cooler 78 degree temperature made sitting outside a popular activity for hubbie and I this afternoon and evening.
With only a couple days left in June it looks like this month is going out on a more fall like note than the hot summer time that most of the month has brought thanks to this dip in the jet stream.
As this last Sunday of June comes to an end I have reflected on all this terrible news for this month and my heart is heavy that so many folks are turning away from our precious savior Jesus Christ and becoming slaves to their own wants and lusts in the name of equality. I pray for all us sinners everyday, may God have mercy on our souls.

Good Night and God Bless

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