Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Uhhhhh !!!  Unfortunately as Dolly and Bernie get older these little dogs bladders evidently loose capacity so at around 7 or 7:30 every morning I am woke up by one or the other in my face or baking loudly near my ears so I will get up and let them outside for an early potty break.
While I layed back down this morning to wait for the alarm I couldn't go back to sleep so it was time to start the day a bit earlier.
After chores and breakfast I took a nice walk. I emptied another 1/2 inch of rain from the gauge from the overnight rain but this morning the skies are clearing.
I notice my Oak Leaf Hydrangea is blooming beautifully this year.
Earlier this spring I asked hubbie to cut this Crepe Myrtle down as it was full of poison ivy and was getting way too big for this area. He cut it way back down to a size that would be better for the area and said he wanted to see if it would recover from that severe of a cut back so he would know if he could do another one that is leaning toward the house in the back yard this way.
I figured there was no way it would come back but low and behold it has sprouted limbs all around.
 This is a Moon Flower Plant that I bought at the Pickens flea market earlier this spring. This bloom is very pretty, however it isn't nearly as big as the Moon Vine bloom, only has a slight fragrance and blooms all day. It is still a very pretty addition to my flower assortment.
I came inside and had my hot cup of green tea with my devotions for the day.
I was debating on how much baking to do since the market has been so slow. I had lunch then baked 5 caramel, 2 pound cakes (for an order) and a blackberry wine cake.
The sun was loosing the battle with the clouds by the time I took the last cakes out of the ovens so I did some housework until hubbie got home from work.
#2 son came by and he and hubbie put the wire panels on the half-runner bean rows.

With the rain and sunshine we have had this week they are starting to get their runners already. I really need to clean last years dried bean vines from the panels but that will be a task for another day.
I pulled up some of the spent greens and the chickens got a real treat today.
After son left I did the chores and was going to sit outside for a while but the breeze was too cool for the way I was dressed so I sat in the sunroom instead. Strange to have chill bumps this time of year !!
I did weekly and month ending paper work tonight before icing the caramel cakes and wrapping things for market.
Thought I would get an early bedtime tonight but that didn't happen so maybe tomorrow night !!
Thanking God for the wonderful strength He blesses me with each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Linda E said...

I went to bed too early last night to read this post. Your yard and veggie garden are both doing well and the rain and sunshine are big helpers! I agree on the cool....we are having some of that here too....we go to the porch and then come back in because too cool. Happy Friday. Hope the market goes well today.